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The Waiting Game

Still waiting to hear back on the house.  It’s been removed from the active listings page as of yesterday, which just means they’re not taking any further bids.  I imagine I will hear something official tomorrow, one way or another.  Given that any decent home is virtually guaranteed to get 25-30 offers within the first 48 hours or so (per several realtors) I’m sure the owners are still sorting things out.  I truly would love to get this home – unless a better one is waiting for us around the proverbial bend.

The number of available short sales has dwindled to virtually nothing, though there are more traditional sales and a handful of foreclosures still in our price range.  In another couple of weeks I’m up for the traditional route, even though it may mean paying double rent/mortgage for one month.   Then again, my realtor’s scuttlebutt says there may be a release of a whole bunch of foreclosures into the market in the next few weeks, which will likely redefine the market all over again.  If it’s a glut on par with the short-sale explosion it may temporarily drive prices back down for the whole shebang.  Can’t say that would break my heart.

In a perfect world we will close escrow in late June.  That gives us plenty of lead time to turn in our 30-day notice about non-renewal of our lease, and plenty of time to arrange for the move and other incidental odds and ends.  If it looks like the promised foreclosure dump is going to materialize, I’m fine with waiting a bit longer.  Otherwise I’ll just start hitting the traditional sale route and hope we can stay in the game as the prices keep climbing.

We will definitely hire a moving company this time around.  It nearly killed G and I last time we did the deed ourselves.  I don’t know to the penny how much it’ll cost, but G managed to get a move from Tucson to Phoenix, including a run to Tombstone to clean out our storage room there, and G even hitchhiked along for the ride, all for $350.  In theory it should be cheaper for us to move the 30-some miles to Queen Creek from here, and it is SO worth it.

It is frustrating that speculators are artificially inflating prices again, intentionally pricing any legitimate would-be homeowners out of the market; but I’m also aware that everything happens for a reason, and in its own time and place.  Things will work out and we will survive.  I simply have to tamp down my impatience and allow things to flow as they should.

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