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The Spaminator

I do appreciate the spam filters WordPress incorporates by default.  My most recent spammer posted a nice, obnoxious, guaranteed-to-get-a-response comment talking about “typical blog vomit”, among other things.  I think most bloggers would have gone immediately to their link to reply, because it was inflammatory stuff.  I looked at the link first: their “blog” was a video poker site.

Gotta love the Kismet’s spam-killer.  It does a good job at catching the junk comments and identifying them as such.

A miracle happened today.  It turned out there was actually doctor who didn’t blow me off, not for anything I said to him.  Not only did he listen, but he ordered additional tests NOT to disprove me, but to determine what level of treatment to take.  His comment was, “We’re going to start with [anti-inflammatory plus some peripheral extra stuff] for your knee.  I know you’re only complaining about the one but both clearly have problems and I want x-rays of both.  If this is successful and there’s not something more serious going on like torn cartilage, we’ll stick with the lowest-level treatment for the time being.  The next level of treatment would be thus, then thus,” etc.

He had me at hello.  Or something like that.

In fact, he ordered a full battery of tests to check for several things.  We discussed the hypoglycemia and the fact that ultimately the only treatment for it is diet – which is obviously up to me.  We discussed other things I’ve never even bothered to bring up with other doctors whose listening ended before I ever walked into their offices.

I’ll be spending probably most of the morning today at a couple of testing facilities, with my follow up already scheduled allowing time for the test results to come back.

Oh yeah, and to my darling daughter who decided to take a forty-minute shower at 1:30a.m., thereby waking G & me and enabling me to remain wide awake and coughing my ass off?  I’m gonna kill her if she does it again.  Our one shared bathroom in this apartment is situated so one door opens into the hall, the other into our bedroom.  There’s no way to take a shower quietly, and she really does take them to extremes in terms of time, too.

I told her the better option – the one more likely to allow her to live – is to take ONE shower per day (yeah, this is her SECOND for the day, which happens entirely too often too,) and to do it during human time frames.  If she opts to keep vampire hours, she’s gonna have to don dark glasses and keep the lights off for long enough to get clean.  There’s no window in the bathroom so it’s not like there’s any risk of the sun actually reaching her delicate skin whilst she’s draining a couple of lakes’ worth of water over her body.

Yes, the snark is strong with this one tonight. Heh.

Nothing particularly noteworthy otherwise at the moment.  I did make a doctor’s appointment for G so we can get him back on his BP meds.  I won’t be telling him that until the last possible second because he’s already announced he won’t be going anyway.  The yutz.  If I wait until the last moment I’ll sweetly advise him that he has no choice, showing him the “pay if you don’t cancel in time” clause in print from the doctor’s office.  The office staff was wonderful that way – they suggested the option, which  knowing G’s cheap streak is a perfect solution to the dunderhead problem.

Oh yes, G is cheap.  Cheap beyond cheap.  He doesn’t give me grief about spending money, though granted I am pretty damned cheap myself.  But he is downright stupid about some things – like his health.  It’s doubly a bad move on his part since once he gave me hell for NOT having gotten his BP meds covered.  This while he was still at his gf’s house in Tucson, during his “I’m registering a whole new level of stupid” phase.  Yes I DO remember every word of his email that accused me of being “irresponsible” for not shelling out cash to him (among other things) when in fact it was his assholed-ness that had him left high and dry.  I still have that email saved for blackmail purposes, if and when the need arises.

Wonder how INS would view that little debacle?

No, there is no particular trouble in paradise for the time being, and G is behaving other than the momentary stupidity with regard to his health situation.  He’ll get over himself, one way or another.

On a semi-lighter note: we really, really have to get another and/or larger bookcase.  I’m just sayin’.  We’re both book addicts and we’re going to have to start sleeping on these suckers if we don’t do something soon.  We do, on the other hand, have a pretty damned amazing library built up.

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