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The Sibling Element in Defining Nirvana

My brother and I don’t speak.

My sis and I, when work and other interruptions allow, speak pretty much nonstop.  Now I’ll grant you, my sister doesn’t get mistaken for Mia Farrow.  Perhaps Bette Davis in her heydey, but unfortunately not Mia Farrow.  I still love her.

So… G and I did a quick round of stops at our favorite thrift stores this morning, scoring some cheap books and a Celtic CD, plus a couple of nice shirts for me.  Then I dropped him off and headed over to my sisters where among other things we hit a second round of thrift shopping, heh.  I periodically have to pare my wardrobe down to the things 1) I actually wear and 2) which are not stained, torn, or otherwise no longer usable.  My closet was kind of bare these days so whilst I didn’t spend a fortune I felt it was appropriate to do a bit of second-hand replenishment.  Two tees, one pair of pants and one brand new skirt later and I feel like I made a nice score.  The skirt still had store tags on it so clearly had never been worn.  The other items didn’t show any signs of having been worn, either.  And all are in the “sinfully comfortable” collection, sporting labels from stores that give you nosebleeds just to window-shop.

Sis and I also did the girl-shopping thing in which I rarely indulge.  I’m up one manicure and three pair of cheap earrings, with a bottle of clear nail polish my sister swears is the guaranteed solution to being able to wear cheap earrings.  The women in my family can virtually never wear anything but gold in their ears, not without significant nastiness resulting.  I can do sterling for a few hours, tops; anything less does me in within minutes.  So if the clear nail polish does the trick I’m all for it.  I like cheap, gaudy earrings.  A former cover girl once told me they’re the only way to go and whenever I wear them I ALWAYS garner compliments.  Which would be wonderful if they didn’t come attached to the ear infections.

We also sifted through a mountain of family photos.  G scanned them in so everyone will get digital copies, but the originals will be divvied up between the female members on THIS side of the family for a change.  Sis and I are creating scrapbooks with comments explaining the who and when of the old black and whites and colored images.  My kids and I have invariably been snubbed for years when it came to family stuff.  This time around my brother’s snooty brats (and sadly that’s exactly what they are) have removed themselves from the family entirely.  Which is absolutely no skin off my nose.

All in all, it was a good day.

Working tomorrow but have Tuesday off (for a doctor’s appointment) so it will be a short week.  I’m all for it!

By the way – yes, I know about the shooting spree in Tucson.  While I in no way advocate the attack or any like it, I’m only surprised it took so long.  Governmental entitlements and abuses have done nothing to endear our so-called representation to John Q. Public.  I’ve said for a while that there would come a break point when all hell would rain down on the government and I still believe that will happen.  Our last civil war was about succession, slavery and other political differences.  This time it’s about the same thing that drives the greater number of wars worldwide: gross and unrealistic inequities between the haves and the have-nots.  I had hoped that Washington would eventually get a clue.  From the sounds of the media reports nothing’s sinking in yet.

Sadder still is that if and when Washington DOES get that clue, it may result in our becoming a totalitarian regime, setting aside the last illusions of freedom left us.

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