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The Late-Late Bitchfest

It is never easy with two families living in the same place, and thank God my daughter’s BF is all about getting their own place.  Because otherwise I’m gonna have to murdalize them soon.

The kids do cook, which was the plan.  Trouble is they cook dinner so late I fall asleep with my face in the potatoes and STILL am lucky to get five solid hours of sleep for work the next day.  I get up at 3am for work.  The daughter considers it early if she’s up at the crack of noon.  They’re quiet so I can’t really fuss on that score, but I am simply going to have to start cooking again or just stop eating dinner.  The latter might help me lose weight but considering I already go nearly 7 hours between breakfast and lunch (and some days more than that) and am so damned sleep deprived, I can’t handle skipping food, too.

The kid was whining that there was nothing to cook, but the truth is there wasn’t anything FAST to cook and she wanted me to get something takeout.  G amd I ate out last night so I wouldn’t have to be up so late, then the kids had something come up that STILL had me up late.  We’ve had fast food three nights this week and it’s too damned expensive for me to keep footing the bill because the child is too lazy to get up and cook a meal.  On top of that, tonight I was looking forward to calling it a night early but G put together some wheel-n-deal thing that requires my driving somewhere (on a project that while well-intended has cost us money.)  Tomorrow night I’ll be up late yet again thanks to a doctor’s appointment.

Anybody pulls this shit again next week is going to be verbally decapitated or castrated, depending on whether I’ve actually managed to lie down or not before they attempt it.  And that’ll be before I get mean.

We’re going to have to break down and buy a new bed.  Our king sized bargain has served us well enough but we bought it used and frankly it’s disintegrating fast.  I don’t want a king size this time.  It takes up a ridiculous amount of space and we don’t need something that large.  (Not to mention the higher price of bedding, etc.)  I’m hoping I can get that resolved soon.   And the vehicle needs minor work this weekend, which just might be a godsend.  If the car’s temporarily out of commission I don’t get pegged as Mom’s taxi!

Other than all that, all is reasonably well.  I just hope I don’t fall asleep at the wheel when I have to head out a few minutes from now.  I’m really, REALLY angry that I even have to go, but nothing I can do about it.

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