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The Hundred Million

If I Won 100 Million Dollars?  Hey, I’ll train heavily for that job!

This meme swiped from l’empress and her offspring golfwidow because… well, because.  It’s kind of a weird meme, but then, I’m in kind of a weird mood, so there ya go.

    1. What kind of car would you buy?
      It would probably be either a small pickup or a crossover or mini-SUV.  Our penchant for yard-sale-thrift-store-bargain-hunting-extraordinaire isn’t going away because of having $100 million.  We’ll just start looking for bigger deals.
    2. Where in the country would you move to?
      If it were strictly me, myself and I, I’d go back to Couer d’Alene, Idaho in a New York Minute.  But considering G has sworn he won’t live anywhere cold again and all my kids and grandkids are here, we’d probably head back for Payson, which would be a reasonable compromise.  G and I agree on that one.
    3. What kind of house would you buy?
      Other than moving to cooler climes and a bigger kitchen, I don’t want a place that’s much different than the one we own now.  This house has the space to live without being too big to manage.
    4. Would you give your family any money?
      Yep.  G and I also agree on this: a lump sum to the kids, trust funds for the grandbabies, and a caveat that once they get their bucks that’s it – no more handouts.
    5. What charity would you donate to?
      Women’s shelters, homeless shelters, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Humane Society.
    6. Would you give your friends any money?
      I don’t know that I would give them money, per se; I’d gladly sponsor their dreams, though, whether it be theatrical productions or authorships.  I suspect that would offer far more rewards in the long run, for all concerned.
    7. Where would you go on vacation?
      I want to visit where G grew up, and always wanted to visit the historic places on the East Coast.  Not sure how realistic those are given my physical restrictions, though I’ll be writing more on the issue in #8.
    8. What luxury item would you buy first?
      Here’s where I explain #7.  I’d get my health issues addressed and done right, likely starting with a knee replacement.  In our current national morass, I’d consider that a luxury item.
    9. Would it change your life?
      The money, the knee replacement, or all the above?  I would like to be ambulatory again for any number of reasons.  I would certainly hope it would change my life!
    10. Would you save any of it?
      Yes, sort of.  I’d invest a significant chunk of it in something that would provide ongoing income, whether rental property or something else to be determined.  The biggest issue with winning the lottery is spending it all and ending up in bigger debt than ever once it’s gone.
    11. Would it change your current relationship?
      Theoretically no, but there’s no such thing as a guarantee in life.
    12. Would you quit your job?
      In a heartbeat.  I like what I do but it would be heavenly not to have to wake every morning at 3, among other things.
    13. Would you ever work again?
      Only if it was a business I owned or writing a book.  In fact, the latter is as close as you get to a guarantee.
    14. What one task would you never do again?
      I don’t know.  Probably yard work or any work on my own vehicle.  I can change a tire, change oil, etc.  It will never be my thing.
    15. What dream of yours would you be able to do?
      I would hopefully be able to do some traveling.
    16. Would you change the way you dress?
      Somewhat.  My tastes wouldn’t change but I could afford to buy what I like.
    17. Would you change anything about your body?
      Absolutely.  Already mentioned the knee.  I’d also probably see a naturopath or acupuncturist or both for help with other issues, because my MD can’t do anything and tells me so.
    18. Would you miss anything about not being rich?
      Hard to say.   I say no, but you never really know until you’re there, do you?
    19. Who would be the first person you tell?
      I go back and forth between G and an investment attorney.  I do think I’d put aside some significant dollars before telling G, either into my 401K or something similar.
    20. Would it bring you happiness?
      There’s an old saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.”  Recently there were some studies suggesting that isn’t true: the more money the interviewee, the happier they reported being.  Actual happiness begins within, but creature comfort factors absolutely come into play.

I haven’t remembered to buy that winning lottery ticket yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

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