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The Game’s Afoot (Or Maybe Acentimeter)

Yes, it’s that time again – the time when I move into Non Sequitur Alley and take up residence.  Yon author (that’d be me) will be making absolutely no sense and will be perfectly content with the fact.

Whilst I can’t begin holding a candle to my idols, Miss Hiss and Poolagirl, in no particular order, I do have a distinctly warped sense of humor.  My colleagues kind of dismissed it when I warned them in advance, back in the day.  A few months in, only the rank noobs fall for my understated facade any more.  Every few weeks (and sometimes every few days,) my team members start giving me the eye, knowing full well I’m overdue to come out with something that’ll leave everyone speechless.

I tend to keep it politically correct at work (hey, it IS a business, even if it’s not a typical one.)  Best part is, political correctness gives me even more inspiration.  It’s a challenge.  No matter how much folks expect me to hit something from left field, they never know WHAT I’m gonna hit from left field.  And when I do so, it’s been known to nick a few buzz cuts along the way.

Hey, can I help it that I work with mostly kids too young to remember when long hair on a guy was a statement?

Veering along that train of thought, there is one long-haired dude where I work.  I’m not positive of his age, though I’d guess early to mid thirties.  His long hair is a shade a bit lighter than my own, somewhere between blond and red.  And his typical hairdo involves…


Better yet, not just ANY pigtails.  Not Native American style, neat-at-the-sides-of-his-face braids, nothing so mundane.  No, these are cockeyed and consistently sticking out at approximately 9 o’clock and 1:30 o’clock on the upper portions of his head – and yes, STICKING OUT is the appropriate term.  I’ve seen one that could actually have been the arm to the clock I just called up as reference, it was so straight.  He’s too tall to be trying out as a Munchkin for the local Wizard of Oz production, and it’s too long term for that, so I am guessing he likes it that way.

Just to keep things even, this young man tends to wear button down shirts and chinos and the occasional tie.  Which is totally not required in this business.

Virtually all fashion statements at our offices tend to be those made by men.  Interestingly enough, whilst we’re rightly known as an edgy company (high-tech R us) we do have a couple of fairly conservative rules.  One is no facial piercings (at least not worn at work); the other is no hair color that can’t be found in nature.

Sooooo…. while it’s kinda tough to work around the piercings thing, the hair color rule captured one colleague’s creative tendencies.  In keeping with the dictates, his hair color at last check was colored leopard.  The spots were faithfully recreated on his short white-blond hair, in tones of rich brown and black.

The monkeys were out on display again this morning, dancing through the middle of our real-time stats.  We definitely have a different angle on business than anyone else I know.

I do love me a bit of  irreverence punctuating my workday.

Speaking of irreverence and humor and everything else that punctures mundane and keelhauls it, go check out Poolie’s entry today.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll hurl.  Er, howl.

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