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The Day After Halloween

It is so very cool to live where we do now, despite the current financial challenges.  After years of no Trick-or-Treaters, or maybe the odd one or two, last night we actually ran out of candy.  We had debated whether or not to even get any, not sure we’d get anybody.  I took a chance and got a couple of bags.  I’m really glad I did.

G was in heaven – commenting over and over again not only on the numbers but that these kids are actually courteous enough and engaging enough to talk, to say thank you, and to obey their parents.  G was the distributor of the candy and loved every minute of it.

Yesterday at work was a bit surreal.  There were some awesome costumes – very detailed, lots of time and frankly lots of quality to them.  Should be – they were either leftovers from ComiCon or preparations for the next ComiCon.  And it showed.  There were a few others – one of the managers came dressed as our company spokesmodel; one of the guys on my team was an all-painted-red devil, complete with glued-on horns and pointed nose and a long lined cape.  There were a few such devils throughout the center, just none as elaborately done as that one.  There were a couple of guys dressed as housewives or whatever – one in fishnets and bedroom slippers (yes, really.) There was a pretty freaky jester and there were a smattering of witches and such.  Not so many witches because we’re predominantly a male business.

I’m foregoing the walker these days.  It’s great for pain control because it really does take the weight off my knee – but it is SO.  SLOW.  So I’m wrapped up with oversized elastic bandages and working it that way.

Usually these big honkin’ Ace bandages are kind of pricey – about $20 apiece.  And that’s if you can find them.  You can’t buy them from the corner drug store or the big box store: these are the 6″ wide versions.  Anything smaller is pointless for a knee, or at least for my knee.  But a while back I found where I could order them for under $20 delivered for a pack of ten.  (During a flare up I double-wrap it to help stablize.)  I hope I get the knee fixed for good before all those wear out!!!

Whoops – time to head off and make the techie donuts.  Hope all my East Coast friends are safe and warm, and that the rest of us are  likewise.

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