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The Crazy One

Me? My name isn’t important, mostly because like Spock in the old Star Trek, you couldn’t pronounce it anyway. For the record, it’s LeiLani.

I have four children, which either qualifies me for the asylum or combat pay or both. Thankfully they’re all over 18 now, and despite the fact that I didn’t kill them, all four elected to procreate. I don’t know where I failed them.

I live with my husband, herein referred to as “G”, our dog, and whichever of the kids and grandkids meanders through at any given time. Please refer back to the second paragraph, though, since death is still on the table for the kids, especially lately.

I spent many a year on the air in broadcast radio, then left to enter the tech industry, and walked from that in November 2015, by mutual agreement. Since then, we downsized and became both debt-free and income free, though I intend to do something to remedy the income situation. We’re in the process of remodeling an anachronism of a mobile home, which is still a step up from a so-called “Tiny House”. I think it’s ludicrous to pay $100K for a tiny house when you can buy and remodel an older mobile for under $10K all-in.

Yes, I am cheap, and proud of it. We got some of our materials for the remodel at rock bottom pricing. Some of it – such as wood and some of the furnishings, we bought used. However we got paint at ridiculous discounts between garage sales, buying someone else’s “Oops” at the hardware store, and so on. We got our cabinet hardware at a similar ridiculous discount by going through an Amazon Discount program. We got like-new appliances for pennies on the dollar, and so on. To put it simply: if there’s a bargain to be had, we’ll sniff it out.

We moved in, relatively speaking. A few months later we’re still unpacking boxes. Isn’t that how it always works? I love the colors and the overall look. Yes, it’s tiny, but it’s not unlivable. There have been times in my life this tiny little mobile would’ve been a huge step up in the world. We still have work to do to complete it fully. Stay tuned.

The rest of the story is still being written – in terms of this home, my life, and even the books I’m writing. The latter’s an interesting proposition. They make me no money, realistically, but I write because it’s what I do. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll make it as a best-selling author. In the meantime, I write whatever strikes my fancy, on my own schedule and my own conscience.

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