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The Color of Fate

I gave my friend a deadline of the 10th, for a lot of reasons. The cover image isn’t done, but y’all get to see why I chose to wait this long on her. This is the work in progress:

Partial Cover I have some very talented friends,  as you can see. (You should also check out Hil the Thrill, who’s also got a way with a paintbrush and camera.) Lisagh and I had discussed a little of what I wanted – obviously dragons were part of it. There are more elements to the final cover, but the dragon alone is going to be stupendous.

The title of this entry is also the title of my book. Obviously, the story involves dragons. It also involves magic, an albino, reincarnation, warped humor (would you expect any less from me?), feminism, bitchiness, and so on and so on. I get a bit political at times. I probably get preachy at times.

If I did my job right, as soon as I start out with a stereotypical fantasy introduction, I take a divergent road that’s part romp and part horrifying.

Thank you again to l’empress for her feedback, which is worth its weight in platinum!

I’ve sent of the direct deposit form to the publisher, hoping that it isn’t a worthless gesture. I have to trust that now I finally got my ass in gear and planted the seed, it’s not too old to germinate. Then again, I found that with the last rewrite, things came to life for me in a way they hadn’t before. I’m about midway through chapter 4 of the second book and while I won’t pretend it flows effortlessly from my fingers, my dialogue snaps more easily into place and my imagery is simpler for me to visualize and describe. I’ve had three different readers comment about being able to see in their minds what I described. That’s my definition of success as a writer: to give just enough information to let your reader’s imagination take over.

We’re three days away from my self-imposed deadline. I wanted to move earlier, but you know what? Everything happens in its own time, when it is meant to happen. It’s even my favorite season, late autumn. Turn, turn, turn.

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