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The Bedding Planner

Weekends are entirely too short.  (But you already knew that, didn’t you?)

IF I get paid what I’m due this week, we are hoping to get a new bed.  Ours was used when I got it, and it’s really disintegrating these days.

Fortunately I have connections to someone who can get me a ginormous discount on a decent quality bed.   (He sells to hotels and motels normally.)  Trouble is he can’t always get something as a one-off, and when he can it’s just whatever happens to be available.   That means we won’t know what size, what brand, etc., will be available at any given time.  I’ve asked him to keep an eye out for a queen or king, can’t justify anything smaller than that.  If we can get something new, we’ll pass our old bed on to the youngest daughter and her boyfriend.  They lost their old bed to bedbugs and just want something to tide them over ’til they move in a couple of months, then they’ll be tossing it into the dumpster to avoid possibly dragging the infestation along to new digs.  When they move they are starting from scratch rather than risk it.

Whether or not the bed comes through we also need to get some new bedding – sheets, specifically.   Our fitted sheets – both of them – have lost all the elasticity so they don’t stay on the bed at all.  I tried those sheet strap thingies – waste of money.  Luckily there’s a Ross store nearby, and they have awesome deals on sheets.  Actually they’re my go-to for a few things when I am looking for decent quality and can’t afford retail.  (Which is kind of always. )

I’ve been on a reading kick lately, needing to be on a writing kick instead.  I’m holding off largely until I can get two things (also on this week’s shopping list, hopefully): a new laptop power supply and a laptop table.  The two together will run me about $40 but will give me a much better milieu from which to write.  The power supply that came with my laptop is an off-brand replacement and it’s a crap-shoot as to how often it connects well enough to actually charge the thing.  I can get a legit Dell replacement from Amazon for $20, and Wally World has a comparably priced laptop table.  On a holding pattern for the table, potentially.  At that price it may be too flimsy for me to bother.

Of course we also plan to retire a couple of smallish bills out of this check, if possible.  Eliminating bills, even teensy ones, is a good thing.

I’m sick of this book, sick of writing it and of rewriting it.  I want it published.  Promotional crap still ahead; at least that’s familiar territory!

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