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The Aye Eyes

Did I mention my glasses took a nosedive a couple of days before Christmas? And that the #$%&^! idiots at Lens Crafters were worse than useless? Right now I’m held together by duct tape. (No, not G’s idea, though he certainly approved. I was desperate.) I’ve got an appointment tonight to get an eye exam and order new glasses, thank goodness. This time around I’m getting a backup pair, and come next summer when we can do so I’m dumping the vision plan, which is pretty much useless to me. Not a big savings per month, granted – but still money in my favor. I’ll just be grumbling while waiting for my order to come in, typically a couple of weeks though if I’m lucky they’ll come in faster.

Christmas was a mixed bag for us. It was a BLAST having everybody here, crowded or not. The kids were all here, including my daughter-in-law’s mom and part of the grandbabies. We didn’t do a traditional Christmas meal, not with so many people and such short space. Instead, the youngest daughter and I made all finger foods: sandwiches, veggie and fruit trays, tortilla wraps (my version’s ham and cream cheese but there are countless variations), hot wings, chips and dip, etc. The only non-finger food was a cherry cheesecake (of which I didn’t get a single frigging bite, darn it!). We also had marshmallow fudge with walnuts and my daughter made Rice Krispy treats. We had soft drinks, hot apple cider (with rum for those so inclined) and fruit punch.

All in all, nice day.

Christmas Eve was at my older daughter’s and most of us were there. Sadly, the youngest daughter’s boyfriend went along and out-assed his assholiness. Seriously a jerk. I’ve never in my life even dreamed G COULD get that mad (and justifiably so.) My daughter ripped the man a new one and has barely spoken to him since. (The boyfriend, not G.)

It wasn’t pretty, unless you take into account my older daughter’s holiday decor. The kids featured a magenta aluminum Christmas tree bedecked with humping reindeer ornaments and real tampons. All in all there were SIX Christmas trees in their house, ranging from a 2′ tall mini in my grandson’s bedroom to the magenta masterpiece and a decorated palm in the living room.

Ummm, yeah… Well, all I can say is that those two are perfectly suited to one another. Very surreal, especially surrounded as they were by a fairly traditional toy train set. Oh, and an electrical music box plinking out “Let it snow” while magnetic snowboarders rolled back and forth across its slalom path. In lieu of mistletoe they hung a plastic skeleton over one of their doorways. While I can’t imagine tampon accents on Poolie’s tree, the free spirit in my daughter would probably hit some familiar keys!

The kids and Santa were very, very nice to me this year. I made out like a bandit. I received a gorgeous silver “Mom” necklace and Bath and Body Works goodies from youngest son and his girlfriend; older daughter gave me fuzzy bedroom slippers and Bath and Body Works (if you see a trend here – tough noogies, I love the stuff!); younger daughter gave me a foot spa; and G gave me two DVD’s I was expecting but still tickled to get. Remember the one we danced to a few months back? He doubled up on the same artist, in spite of (or maybe because of) the dancing!

Foot spa… dayummmm…. I’ve wanted one of those forever and tonight it’s gonna get used after I get home from my eye appointment.

We’re getting San Diego’s deluge now, and the unofficial word is that we might see snow by Friday morning or thereabouts. We DO periodically get snow in the Phoenix area. Snow, at least the variety that melts as soon as it falls here, isn’t a big deal at all. I’m more concerned about black ice, which IS likely to be around when I’m driving to work at o’dark thirty in the morning. Luckily there’s also no traffic those hours, so I can drive slowly enough to be safe.

I finally got my ass in gear and applied for a different position – same company, different hours and MUCH shorter commute (ten minutes each way vs. my current forty). I could definitely handle that. I like my office, don’t get me wrong – but would really prefer to be closer to home. Plus it’s a different type of job and one for which they’ve been actively recruiting me for a while now. Could be a good deal, maybe. Plus would probably put me in the same center as my son and daughter-in-law. Son’s in training now, daughter-in-law just got called after her interview. I don’t know when she starts but I’m assuming it’ll be soon.

Oh! And before I forget – oldest daughter’s boyfriend made her Christmas gift, a diamond ring. A REAL gold-and-diamond, probably half-carat diamond ring. Turns out this kid’s a certified gemologist and jeweler who can and does create custom jewelry. When he left the house Saturday he took along my scrap gold (some old earrings where I lost half the pair, my broken wedding ring and so on) and promised to build it into a wedding ring to replace the one that broke. Somewhere in the deep dark reaches I’ve got a gorgeous itty bitty stone I wanted to use and have been keeping forever and a day, but damned if I could find it. I’ve actually got a few that I like but this one in particular called to me. Just not loud enough to let me find it, darn it.

However – my sis got new and expensive bling for Christmas and brought me an old ring of hers, a silver ring with a gorgeous white sapphire and several smaller stones. So if I can catch up in time I’ll ask to incorporate the sapphire into any new design.

All righty then. Time for me to wrap this up. I need to leave shortly to go to the eye doctor, which also (thank God) is just a half mile down the road. Tonight is NOT the night to be out driving unless absolutely necessary.

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