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The Art of Do-Overs

One of my readers commented to me (via email, which under the circumstances was appropriate) that whilst getting a house was all well and good, there was a more pressing gotta-do in my life that had to be dealt with first.   Her heart’s in the right place and I appreciate the pointer.  I’m all too well aware of what she spelled out.  It’s just one of about a hundred have-to-do-immediately things in my life that I cannot put off much longer, if at all.

On the surface my friend was dead-on accurate.  Unfortunately below the surface there is other stuff – the same level of bubbly fun as in the Labyrinth movie’s Bog of Eternal Stench.  These issues are wholly separate from G and something I’ve put off for entirely too long because frankly, it is a royal mess.  Very few people know about it and I am not inclined to spill to the world at large or even at small.  My immediate family doesn’t even know the half of it, with the exception of G, and he’s counseling me to tackle that first, then everything else.  He doesn’t get what that will mean, when I do take it on.

To boil things down to their most essential levels, we are going to have to coordinate so both the house and G’s situation resolve almost simultaneously, so I can tackle in earnest the problem behind Door #3.  While it’s a separate issue, Door #3 MUST be dealt with immediately after I get the other two things handled, and doing the move to a house will mean a reduction in our living costs of about $200 a month, exclusive of the reduced cost for my daily commute.  Which, believe me, Door #3 is gonna eat up mighty fast.

So yes, I’m considering everything and know the risks and more.

Some people only have the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

Lucky bastards.

There might be more if I were awake enough to write it.  I need to wrap things up, though, and go to bed.  It’s not long ’til I need to get up for work again.

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