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Technical Issues

We here in tech land refer to certain problems as ID-ten-T issues. Most people know what that means. Replace the “ten” with the numeric value it represents: ID10T.  I am the ID10T problem occasionally.

My blog had developed a tic and I was too lazy to track down the real cause and just fix it.  It had undergone numerous transformations and upgrades and whosits and whatsits, and I decided the heck with it – I was going to just back the sucker up, uninstall the annoying problem child and reinstall nice and clean.  I deal with issues substantially worse than this every single day so I did my backup and in the most blasé state of mind you can imagine, uninstalled the old WordPress files.

All was well.  Install went smooth as silk.

Steeped in smugness, I went in to reload my content.

Ummm.  No.  My website extended its middle finger to me, waved it around a few times and danced a jig whilst insulting me out loud in four languages.  It was doubly embarrassing since had I followed my first instinct nobody would’ve even known it was offline.  Bleargh.  At least it did restore, some 24 hours later, albeit minus pictures.  (No big deal there, though if I do another such restoral I’m going to know to back up the media folder too.)  I’m going to swap out my theme here sooner or later.  Just too tired to give a royal crap about it tonight.

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