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Tea For Phew

Thursdays are my Fridays, hence it is for me the start of my WEEKEND!  I naturally have a ton of stuff to do and precious little time to do it.   Unfortunately I’m also dead tired – having forgone anything pill-ular this week – and am probably going to have to sign off early tonight, kicking back with a book and a handful of TiVo recordings.

I am addicted to Ghost Hunters (in addition to Doctor Who.  I totally Doctor Who.)  SciFy runs a Ghost Hunters marathon every Wednesday and it’s my one true television vice.  Trouble is I really want them to find that definitive OMG DO YOU SEE THAT moment when they photograph a major ghostly occurrence, and of course that never quite materializes.

No pun intended.

I have been musing that perhaps I should’ve kept my cheapo vidcam, the one I traded in for another electronic goodie a few months back, one of a handful of goodies I won at work.  I would make a video send-up called “Gay Hunters.”  The huntees would naturally be intelligent, well-groomed, upstanding citizens whose responses to the slightly off-kilter hunters would be something akin to “What the hell are you doing?  Of course there are real gays here, you moron.  You’re in a gay bar.”

But of course I didn’t keep the vidcam so it’s all moot.  Moot moot moot.

I set my sis up with a website, waiting to see what she does with it.  My sis’s fetal website is Dust Bunny Central.  (You can’t google it yet.  I just slapped up a cover page at  That’s why it’s a fetal site; it’s not really ready to be born yet.)  Poolie has Mia.  I have Top Dust.  I will ask Top Dust’s permission before posting her picture, because she has her paranoid moments.  Never fear.  Blackmail is always a good option, especially where family members are involved.

I’m back to hammering out my epic on women and our mass exodus from patriarchal religions.  I intend to try and present a balanced view thereof.  The working title is Take Two Eye of Newt And Call Me In The Morning.  The book itself is serious in its topic.  A serious topic still has plenty of room for jocularity.  The title refers to the healing power of escaping religious oppression.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I’m also writing it!

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