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I guess today was the day for new phones; G and I got new ones and so did Zen and Chocolate.  I debated a touch phone, but changed my mind thanks to the $$ involved in the cost of the phone itself.  We were absorbed by the V phone company when they gobbled up our former provider.  I am so not thrilled at the prospect.  We discussed moving our lines to my son’s company but by the time you calculated in three cancellation fees, it was just not going to happen.

Violet Crackberry o MineMy original plan was to stick with plain-Jane phones with no frills, no surf-ability, just call and text.  Then I got there and they had a Crackberry in purple (Yup, that’s it over to the side there) and it was all over.  We’re still slashing our plan by a lot every month, no cancellation fees and I have my surf protected.  V had us by the short hairs: we couldn’t change plans without changing phones, so either we were stuck with a sky-high plan cost every month or we had to get snookered into another two years with them.  I guess there are worse things, either way.

We did, however, decide to cancel the phone insurance.  It’s ridiculous to pay every month and they still sock you with $100 if the phone’s lost, stolen or damaged.  Their replacement phones are refurbished and generally crap.  I’m better off just buying a used phone at one of the places here in town.  I could pick up a used touchscreen sweet deal for less than what it would cost me just for the deductible, never mind the monthly fee.  A replacement might not be purple, but insurance replacements have a tendency not to be what you originally ordered, either.

I’m a button pusher by nature anyway.  There were definitely moments of touchscreen envy today as I ogled my sister’s phone.  But I got over it.  Her phone isn’t purple.

I didn’t sit through the dirges on television and the Internet today.  I don’t pretend the date’s insignificant; I simply feel it to be hypocritical to pretend our current political morass has any real connection with the tragedy that happened nine years ago.  That tragedy didn’t cause the current war, or its thousands of needless deaths.  It was merely turned into a convenient prop for some political hack’s agenda, and that makes me mad as hell.

We went to my #2 son’s house for a barbecue, with all the fixin’s and almost all the family present and accounted for (or at least almost all of them that count.)  My oldest daughter was MIA, but since it involved her rising before noon, she wasn’t expected.

I have photos – just gotta get them moved from camera to computer, edited, and uploaded.  I might post a few interesting angles, as my three-year-old technophile grandson took his turns with the digicam.  He was having a ball and while I love my camera, it ultimately only cost me $10.  It was worth risking it to hear the giggles and literally get the kid’s perspective on the big-people party!

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