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Take Two

Whew…  What a week.

I was supposed to sign papers on the house last Thursday.  Then Friday.  I ended up signing them Monday.  Then a technicality cropped up – not something that theoretically should stop us from getting the house, just one that could potentially push out our closing date.  I most assuredly don’t want to see it pushed any further out – we’re already down to the wire because we’ve already turned in our notice to vacate for the apartment.

Then my heart sank when the appraisal came in $5K short.  Given what we’d encountered with every other property I figured at that point the whole deal was a wash and we were out the price of the appraisal.

But no!!

The seller didn’t even blink: they just lowered the price.  We’re getting the house for $125K.  That’s $10K under asking (which already blows my mind – EVERYTHING was going for over asking) and a good $75K below what we’d pay for a comparable property in town here.

I’d do a happy dance but I’m too tired!

I did finally get caught up a bit on my sleep this week, and since it’s a weekend I’m sleeping in a little tomorrow.  We have to make some purchases for the move: two absolute must-haves are a fridge and a vacuum.  The house has brand spanking new microwave, stove and dishwasher, but no fridge.  (Typical for the area.)  We have to find something affordable.  And our current vacuum is overdue for the dumpster.  With new carpet both G and I felt like it would be irresponsible not to get a decent vacuum.  So this weekend we’ll be hunting for both.

We will also need window coverings, and are hoping to get a real, honest-to-goodness sofa.  Right now we have a loveseat we bought used.  It serves the purpose, but doesn’t offer a lot of seating, nor does it work for sleeping on when I crash out in front of the TV.  (I have a habit of that on the weekends – best possible way to wind down.)  I scored a kick-ass deal on the curtain fabric and the panels, but that is only enough to cover either the living room windows or the master and one other bedroom.  We can get away with blinds in the living room – not a huge deal in the short run since we’ve got a back yard surrounded by block wall – but the kitchen windows face the street and as early as I get up I’m not comfortable with the entire world looking in while I’m up at o’dark thirty.

Even if nobody in the world but me is up at o’dark thirty in that part of the world.  But I digress.

So we’ve got some shoppin’ to do.  Will definitely be hitting the fabric store for a few odds ‘n ends, including thread.  Kinda need that to sew curtains, ya know.  And looking for some cheap – as in, around $1 a yard – fabric for curtain lining.  The gray material I found is beautiful but so lightweight it offers little privacy on its own.  Not to mention both the insulation and fading factors mitigated by a lining.  So I’m off to see the wizard of end pieces and seconds at SAS Fabrics.

When we went to the house last weekend, G took more pictures.  They’re up at the same spot, here, if you want to look.  The house is even more gorgeous in person, by the way – nicer than some model homes I’ve seen.  We were genuinely blown away.  New stainless appliances – stickers still on them; carpeting isn’t the cheap crap, either, it’s upper grade; and the backyard has a lot more landscaping than the photos suggest.  It’s got a pretty good proportion of grass, lots of bouganvilla and other shrubs.  We still hope to put in at least one or two trees, eventually, but for the moment we’re grateful for how really lovely it is.

Time for me to wrap this up tonight.  We’re going to be up early in the morning so we can hit some yard sales before it gets to be too miserably hot to breathe.

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