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I do love the power of WordPress in the hands of a proper geek like me.  It does SOOOO many wonderful things.

It’s o’dark thirty and I have to be up in about fifteen minutes for work.  All is better, sort of.  The cable co. will be out tomorrow to fix the cable box, RIP.  Said box has been disconnected for several weeks since daughter moved out and it was really most sincerely dead.  (Yes, I am slap happy tired.  Going to bed now.)

Dog is up and I’m gonna have to shoo him back to bed or he’ll keep us all awake all night.  Watched too much TV tonight, worked some OT and overall it was a good weekend, just too short.  Upstairs neighbor finally turned off (or down) her too-loud music.  Life goes on and it gets better.  Tomorrow I will be looking for more miracles.  Wonder if Mr. Crane will be standing to greet me again?

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