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Stream Of Unconsciousness

After sleeping in til 7 this morning, I enjoyed the luxury of breakfast in bed.  How cool is that???  (Okay, so it was breakfast I cooked.  I still ate it in bed so I could play on the laptop whilst munching on toast and scrambled eggs.)

G’s steeped in the latest soccer tournaments from Europe.  Men are the same in that regard whatever their origin.  They tend to be sports addicts 98% of the time.  I’m used to that; my exes were hooked on football, the cruder testosterone-overloaded American version of soccer.  Theoretically it’s nice that G’s game of choice is televised from Europe, because that means he watches in the morning and there’s no conflict with TV, yada yada.

In reality since we have up to four simultaneous TV streams going at once, I don’t give a fig if he watches at night.  All it means to me is that G is an attention whore at night.  He gets his nose bent if I’m on the computer and he’s in the mood to chatter.  Which is most nights.

Gender reversal, anyone?

G’s even the one who remembers birthdays and anniversaries.  I’m horrible that way.  I used to joke that I needed a wife, just one that was male.  In many ways, that’s exactly what I got with G.  I’m okay with that and don’t use that choice of phrasing to emasculate him in any way; it just occasionally leaves me shaking my head at the irony levels.

I was, however, hoping to get in and out of Wally World this morning, before the hordes hit, something that’s probably not going to happen due to soccer TV.

Unfortunately every now and then we have to do a Wally World run.  The one downside to living in Podunk, USA, is that we have a limited number of retail outlets for odds and ends.  It’s 20 miles to the closest Home Depot or Lowes, for example, and pretty close to that for an Ace Hardware.  Ergo for stuff like AC filters we have to do Wally World or I have to stop on the way home from work.  Since G is responsible for those things (and more importantly, knows the sizes we need) we generally bite the bullet and get them from Wally World.

The really frustrating part is that I did go to Wally World this week, when I picked up a few odds and ends and the laptop cooler that’s letting me use my laptop again.  But I spaced off the AC pads, which are in dire need of replacement, and a couple of equally important and infrequent purchases that can’t be purchased from the grocery store.  So we go back today.   After G’s soccer games are over, anyway.

I did a little more writing this weekend.  Emphasis on “little”.  I had hoped to slam out another chapter.  Unfortunately one of the other, little-addressed side effects of fibromyalgia is brain fog.  I have days when concentration requires more energy than I can muster.  I can do things that are humdrum; cooking a simple meal, driving to yard sales, stuff like that.  But anything that requires real focus is just beyond me.  Let’s just say it makes some work days extremely challenging.  On the weekends if I am steeped in brain fog, I have to let it go.  That’s one of several reasons that I don’t write blog entries as often as I used to.  I normally write stream-of-consciousness here, throwing out whatever’s on my mind.  If my mind’s a blank, it’s gonna be a short entry or I don’t write at all.

This morning my mind’s not a complete blank, but creative writing is definitely beyond me.  I’m crossing my fingers that’ll change later in the day.

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