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Stone Cold

I probably should’ve titled this entry “Peas cold”, since that was kinda the real situation.  It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, darn it.

See, with the current back condition I’m reduced to ice packs, which in my case (and at my doctor’s recommendation) involves a bag of frozen peas.  It’s the perfect solution!  I take an abominable, inedible excuse for a vegetable and put it to a use that doesn’t cause my stomach and my nose to revolt.  I’ll be glad to go tomorrow and hopefully the chiro will do an adjustment that stops the damned hurting.

Hurt or not, it was all I could do to keep a straight face when the chiro told me the problem was my sacroiliac.  It makes a hella lot of sense, but all I could think of was an old-time comedian whose line was (in reference to anything that smacked of work, anyway) “Oh, my sacroiliac!”  I can’t for the life of me remember who it was – and unlike the Paul McCartney song of a few weeks back (yep, that was who I was thinking of) this one’s from waaaaaay back, probably the 50’s or even earlier.  I don’t remember if he was on the Jack Benny show, in a bunch of serial-type movie series, or what.  I barely remember him, saw him in the 60’s strictly in B&W, so who knows?

Unfortunately old-time comedians aside, this crap is getting mighty old.  It’s not enough I’m dealing with trick knees and upper-back issues thanks the bazoombas from Hell, now I have lower back problems too?  During the preliminary exam I came up off the table a couple of times with some particularly “fun” spots got checked.

Good news on another front: I actually got approved for THREE DAYS of vacation – which coincide with the weekend we’re planning to be out of this apartment.  That means five whole days off in a row!  That is my definition of luxury.  The tentative plan is to find something mid July; that ought to allow us the leeway to take care of some basics before the last minute.  I’m reeeeeally hoping for a larger place, whether we rent or buy or whatever.  This place really isn’t bad, but it’s like a dungeon.  Higher utilities or not, I want someplace with more windows.  We can do that in a gated community and still feel relatively safe.

The above is a “virtual tour” of the place heart.  You know how some places are trashier than they look?  In this case I know what we’d be getting.  I know someone who used to live there.  It’s actually a gorgeous complex and the apartments themselves are better than this shows.  Prices are way below what we’re paying now for our plain vanilla apartment and it’s about 300sf more space.  It’s also a gated community, and there are far more trees than shown in the mini-tour.

Time to close this down for the night.  I recorded Doctor Who and am going to kick back with my frozen peas, a glass of iced tea and the Doctor.

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