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Still kicking… er, shuffling

I have been working OT when my system permits, to try and get ahead of the bills while I can.  Come January (if not sooner) I’m going to have to break down and get a new car.  “New” is probably an exaggeration, but “new-ER” is certain.  The jalopy is still moving and I’m grateful for it.  I’m just not willing to wait for it to implode underneath me while I’m driving, and there are some early warnings of its future demise.  Just cross your fingers that it’ll keep going a bit longer.

My sis’s husband is on her shit list now.  I didn’t say much to her except to shrug and tell her when she gets fed up enough to kick his ass to the curb, call us and G and I will help de-ghettify her house.  She didn’t have a fancy place but it was a decent house until her current spouse got ahold of it.  Now it’d have to be upgraded to qualify as just “trashed.” This week he has demanded she get rid of her pets because they’re too much trouble for him.  Y’all don’t know what that means but I do.  He’s on his way out.  Sis is still deluding herself into pretending his assholiness is just a phase.  G and I both said the same thing: phase schmaze, it’s the real jerk coming out to play.

G and I are going to try to take on her baby, a Pomeranian (think that’s how it’s spelled) who’s sweet natured and spoiled rotten.  I told G that the dustbuster on four legs will only be on loan anyway – once His Jerkiness is on the streets, the puppy can go back home again.

I’m trying to really watch the housing situation now.  G resisted the idea of buying a house because he was thinking it would be cheaper to continue renting.  But I pointed out three HUMONGOUS reasons he needed to re-think.  I showed him facts and figures – like the fact that a house payment is several hundred dollars below rent now and with all the deposits and whatnot it’s no more expensive for 3% down on a house.  I pointed out that the best of all deals are in retirement communities, which also means the kids can’t move in with us; and I pointed out that BECAUSE we’ll be in a retirement community we won’t be harassed by the BOOM BOOM BOOM of neverending Mexican music and/or Rap (which I refuse to call music) at all hours, kids running and howling like banshees over everything in sight, etc.

It put stars in his eyes and I know he’s counting the days…

One truly awesome thing about the place where we now live: we don’t get a major financial smackdown for breaking the lease early.  You can leave without any penalty at all if you move to another property owned by the same company OR if they rent right behind you.  Otherwise, long as you give them 30 days notice you pay $750 when you leave and make another $750 in payments.  But given our apartment is the biggest on the premises and one of the nicer units, and that this is the most affordable for the area, I don’t think we’d have many (if any) parting fees.

We’re not there yet, much as I’d love to move tomorrow.  But soon.  Very soon.

It’s been an odd start to the week.  I worked OT yesterday; hardly fun, but definitely necessary in light of the financial stuff ahead.   I’m trying to get a couple of more certifications out of the way so I can apply for a transfer.  I love my days and hours; hate the eternal drive.   Transfer might mean more money, kind of hard to tell at the moment.  There were recent changes at my job level that presumably will work in my financial favor.  Let’s see if that turns out to be true.  Either way I’m ready to move elsewhere.  Though I do have to admit I found it giggle-worthy that all of a sudden the department I wanted to move to has now begun more or less courting me.  Like I said – we’ll see how things work when it’s all said and done.

It’s actually kind of cool that in this job you’re really more or less pushed to move from department to department.  It keeps the burn-out factor at bay, if nothing else.

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