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Still Chugging Away

The car is still rattling on down the road – for the moment.  Not sure how many more moments she’s got left in her but we can’t realistically afford to replace her, not yet.

PillowI finally snapped a photo of one of the pillows I finished.  BIG pillow, just a few inches shy of fitting into a Euro sham.
I like my fabric: it’s waleless corduroy, nice and comfy and I put snaps in the back so it comes off – and can be tossed in the washing machine.

Also hit the bargain bins at Target and picked up a king-sized duvet.  That’s not it, unfortunately.  The one I bought is dark gray with a tone-on-tone pattern.  I just saw no point in putting it on the old comforter without washing the comforter first.

G and I went out for dinner last night, since we didn’t get to go on Valentine’s Day.  It was the second time we’d hit a Dave and Busters and we weren’t disappointed.  We ordered nachos as an appetizer.  Their name for the gastronomic treat is “mountain of nachos”.  I should’ve paid more attention.  We could literally have made a meal of the nachos alone and still brought home leftovers.  We also each ordered a sammich and fries, which were scrumptious.  No, it’s not fancy but the food’s good and plentiful.  It should be, th0ugh, at $10 apiece for chicken and turkey sammies!

Otherwise, not much going on.  Just work and trying to squeeze a few more miles out of the wheels.

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