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Spending Money to Make Money

It’s the old concept and it bears out, whatever direction you’re taking as an entrepreneur.  (By the way, took me forever to learn to spell entrepreneur.  Spell check has a nasty habit of throwing its ugly red squiggly underlines at me!)  I spent the money to download the Kindle book I mentioned, and will probably spring for one more.

The one I downloaded was on how to market your book and it was both encouraging and discouraging.  Encouraging because most of the recommendations were concrete, don’t cost a penny in actual money and are both doable and appropriate for marketing a book – or, for that matter, any product.  Discouraging because 1) the author’s recommendations are time intensive and time is the thing I have the LEAST, and 2) the author’s #1 recommendation is that you don’t bother much with promotion until you’ve got at least five published volumes, because the single biggest secret to selling high numbers is knowing your audience and playing to them.  The natural extension of that is creating a set of distinct, repeating characters that carry from story to story.

It’s taken me for-freaking-ever to get the FIRST book done, lol.  I’ll still promote it, and hopefully sooner or later it will give me a bit more financial leeway.  If I can write full time it would be a lot simpler to hit that threshold.

On the other hand he ALSO points out that perfectionism is the killer and that, my dears, is an important mark in my favor.  I can stop the nitpicking and just get my story done. If there are smallish holes in the narrative, tough noogies.  My focus needs to shift to plugging the big ones and maybe fleshing out a few other elements and let the little stuff alone.  Heck, from past experience some itty bitty plot holes can parlay their way into spin-off storylines down the road.   Stupid of me to let that slip my mind.

I’m downloading another e-tome today, one a bit less intimidating but equally important.  It’s instructions on formatting a manuscript to make it Kindle compatible.  Little things make a big difference.  This book ostensibly describes how to make the table of contents clickable, page layout, etc.  (Which means, Terri, you don’t have to do it.  I’ll save your original manuscript as-is and send you back a second version that’s formatted.  Since your book is pretty much done and mine’s still in progress I’ll use yours as my guinea pig, heh.)

I slept in ridiculously late this morning am still sitting here with my eyelids drifting downward.  I don’t know if it’s depression, fibro, or just that once I finally let my proverbial hair down my body’s decided to catch up, but I’m constantly tired nowadays.  I accomplished the turnaround without any sort of chemical intervention, too.  It had gotten where sleep and I were at odds, so feels pretty nice to be sleeping well again.  Maybe it’s just cyclical, or could be the brutal Arizona heat.  Whatever its cause I am glad for the rest but annoyed at the timing.  I still want to write more and that’s hard to do with keyboard face all the time.

I also bought a couple of domains yesterday.  I had my book title all picked out, nice and neat, and kept checking periodically to see if it was still available in a domain.  Stupid me again – I didn’t spend the pennies to register it and now somebody else is using it.  Blergh.   It’s a name somebody bought to sell, I’m sure.  Not with my wallet, buddy.  It’s substantially cheaper to change the book title at this stage of the game and probably better marketing too.  I have a couple of names in mind.  The most likely two are City of Ages and Crown of Dragons.  I bought both names yesterday, no more messing around.  I think will be the main site and Crown of Dragons the title of the book itself.  At least that’s the direction I’m leaning now.  Stay tuned – two minutes from now my mind’s liable to skip to a whole new point of view.

All righty then.  G and I have a dinner date tonight, so I need to go get ready.   G established Saturdays as “our” day a long while back and I kind of like the idea.  That way the kids know unless there’s a genuine emergency, one day a week is sacrosanct.

*Late edit: G says it’s the heat as he’s in the same boat.  When it’s this miserable outdoors you can’t function as normal.  All you want to do is sleep, anything to avoid dealing with it.  I only drive in the heat a few minutes a day now, thank God, but it still takes a huge toll.  I am still trying to convince G that really, we need to move to another state, somewhere a bit more moderate.  This is unlivable and it’s not nearly as hot as it’s bound to get before the rain moves in this year. If it moves in this year.

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