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Spellnig Bea

Normally when people mention the word man/male and stupid in the same sentence, I roll my eyes at the redundancy.  There are a few exceptions, of course.

G is multilingual (5 languages that I know of, and learning a sixth – Spanish – in his spare time,) obviously well educated, and urban. It also drives him absolutely bat-shit crazy to see some of the misspelled English entries on public venues like Craigslist. He found a real doozy today – no, this is NOT an exaggeration.  It’s taken verbatim from the post, punctuation and capitalization (and lack thereof) precisely as shown.

uitily trairler – $450

uitily tralier for sale hand made out of a 75-76 chevey axles very sterty and good for hauling heavy loads bought in oklahoma to move here longer asking 450 for it will take 400. please call me at ***-***-**** or email me at ******

Was this the work someone too inebriated to be left alone with a keyboard?  A seven-year-old who broke free with a gleeful plan to get even with mom and dad for grounding him?  Someone for whom English is less than six months in the learning?  Or, as I suspect is more likely, is it a perfect example of why virtually every other country is whomping all over our collective asses in industry, education and innovation?  Umm… I hate to break it to the political arguments, but no child left behind doesn’t mean you put off teaching spelling until high school, then bitch because kids drop out.

About the only thing that would have made it more appropriate would be if it were written in crayon.

Ack – it’s time for me to roll this thing up for the night.  I’m still not used to the change in hours.  I have to be up at 3:30am, which allowing for 8 hours of sleep requires a 7:30 bedtime.  It’s a wee bit past that now… only an hour or so tonight, so that’s good anyway.

I will try to take up a recent entry written by La the Sage.  In it, the loverly La points out how many of us misplaced our inner Einstein.  We’re smart, we’re educated, we’re well-spoken, and all too often, virtually drop-outs in the game of life.  (Occasionally, sad to say, literal drop-outs in the game of life.)  So how smart do you have to be to succeed?  Or maybe, how dumb do you have to be?

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