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For anybody who glances at the spam blahty-blah on their blog you’ll know what I mean when I say certain posts suck the spammers right in.  I have one a while back called “When Teen Stars Get A Clue”.  I won’t link back to it mostly because I’m too lazy, but also because I am not that fond of clearing the spam out of the back end of this thing.

It irks me even as it sort of ties in to the stuff I wrote yesterday: the whole search engine optimization thing.  I won’t geek out on you today, not like I did yesterday.  But the glut of spammer comments are virtually all designed to do just what I talked about: linking back to somebody’s site in hopes of sucking up to Google and its ilk.  I’ll neener over that some other time.  Tonight I’m too tired.

Things are coming together in interesting ways lately.  G and I talked and I think I’m going to use the FSA to buy a wheelchair.  I should be able to make payments to cover the hospital expenses but can’t do that for the wheelchair.  And if the surgery works well enough I don’t need the wheelchair after, I can sell it and get most (if not all) of my money back and apply that right back to the hospital bill.

The lottery tickets we bought this weekend were a bust.  I think it’s safe to say we’ll survive the loss of our $2 investment.  Meanwhile other monetary things are dropping into my lap, a little here and a little there.  Some I won’t post online because it involves respecting the other party’s privacy.  Others I’ll probably write about as they unfold.  And they are unfolding.  These are arising from unanticipated sources.  As I said… the Universe has been giving me the heads’ up about the income and telling me I need to treat it with grace and responsibility.  I intend to respect and give thanks with each new scenario, each new revelation.

I found a penny today and a dime.  I was and am grateful for them.  I was also given the means of paying off a $2500 bill.  I’m grateful for that too.  I’ll gladly take what I can get.

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