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Spammerific Old Time

Blogging by its nature invites spam.  Thank God WordPress has nice spam filters, but occasionally the spam comments are almost – ALMOST funny enough to copy over.  I think one I deleted today said something along the lines of “I do not agree with your variant.”  Not a verbatim, but the idea is that it was so truly and obviously bad it approached the poetic.  (The real line was slightly longer and definitely more bizarre.)

I’ve had my share of trolls, which are different from spammers.  Spammers are stupidity with a purpose: they’re all about sending you to another site where you can download malware, order faux erectile dysfunction pills or other knockoff crap, etc.  Trolls exist to harass, harangue and generally act like your family.  They may be articulate with a side order of snark, or may be vile and/or cruel.  Spammers annoy me but since the majority of spam is generated by some random logarithm, I don’t take it personally and literally don’t even look as I’m deleting.   Trolls occasionally start out with something thoughtful then deteriorate into their own little world of nutzoid.  I sometimes wish there were troll filters that worked as well as spam filters.  Unfortunately it can be a little tougher to ID trolls up front, since they can generally speak English and skip the typical filter-triggering language.

Luckily I haven’t encountered many trolls in my online excursions.  One notable one was early into the mix.  I had to deal with this moron who thought it was fun to mimic an online suicide in a live chat which included a bunch of teens.  I was on the phone bringing down these terrified kids at 2am, all the while grieving what I thought was an actual suicide of a friend.  I later started comparing notes with another buddy who was a nurse and we began to track down this idiot and pinning her for what she was.  We reported her and later found out she was using – of all things – HOSPITAL resources to play her stupid games. Her medical knowledge was what gave her the verisimilitude to convince us in the first place, but it also ended up being her downfall.  We gathered she was busted by more than her online “friends” when it was all said and done.

There’s a term for that kind of stupidity: it’s Munchhausen by Internet.  I think we ran into another example in a man named Michael.  (Remember Michael back on our Diaryland days?)  He described himself as running from one catastrophe to another and painted his life as a minor celebrity with a house on Malibu Beach, yada yada.  He was actually, as nearly as we could track down, a man with mental problems who did indeed pass away a couple of years back.  I’m not sure which was sadder: that he died, or that he felt in order to live that he had to employ such pathetic tactics, craving attention but incapable of real human interaction.

That’s what it is, really.

Think about it.  When you spin such fantastic and easily disproved lies, you can’t ever really meet anyone in person.  I’ve been privileged to meet Poolagirl, Zen and Chocolate, Rosie and others.  I initially met my now-husband online, and my oldest son met his wife of 11 years online.  If you pull a bout of Munchhausen by Internet, that’s not possible.  You’ll have to make one excuse after another.  Not worth it in my view.

On a fun note, one of my Twitter buddies, an author, picked up on and said he may write a post for Ancient Humanity.  I’m jazzed – he’s a hoot, has written a book on 2012 that offers the phenomenon in a rational light.  I plan to buy a copy as soon as I can coerce my bank account into cooperating.  Fortunately it’s been slightly better lately on that front.  Sort of.

Purple Kitchinart EarringsI did break down and buy a beautiful pair of earrings from kitschinart.  I had seen them online and liked them, and when she put up her goodies for 75% off I decided I’d be a fool not to grab them.  When I got them I loved them even more; they’re gorgeous!  I also ended up with a sweet beaded bookmark that I’d likewise been checking out.  (Perfect choice, Kathy!)  I need to figure out a way to wear the ear goodies when G and I have photos taken next month.  What do I have to wear that’s purple?  Hmmm…

LATE EDIT: found the picture online, fortunately before the image was deleted altogether from Kitchinart’s page.  It definitely doesn’t do them justice!

I had planned to take a picture.  Unfortunately on top of the fact that photography entails digging out my camera and trying to get a decent shot, my brain only allows for so much when I’m still half asleep.  It was late morning when I originally posted but I took melatonin last night.  That stuff works for me and is vastly better than a traditional sleeping pill, in that it doesn’t leave me feeling unsafe to drive the next morning.  Melatonin still tends to bleed over the next day to leave me a bit drowsy.

I added a post to Ancient Humanity, by the way.  It’s linked above, and because I’m too lazy to do it twice, you can either go there or to the link at right, heh.

Still waiting for Poolie’s take, though at the moment she’s too busy adventuring to write anything unrelated to her road trip.  Ancient Humanity is setup as a group blog – that is, multiple authors.  Anyone can create an account and write, and I am begging encouraging people to do so.  One suggestion: when you create an account, make your username alphanumeric only – no spaces or special characters.  I think that’s been what’s messing people up who have signed up.

And I am approved for a WHOLE VACATION WEEK OFF at Thanksgiving!!!  We’re talking from Thursday through the following Wednesday!  Since both Thanksgiving Day and the next day are considered “holidays” in our company, that will only cost me 3 actual vacation days from my “bank”, too.

I truly can’t remember the last time I had that many days off to just enjoy.  Unless God takes pity and grants us a new car very soon, I am thinking about renting a vehicle so we can at least take a day trip.  We’ll see what the budget looks like a couple of months. from now.  I am not worried too much about covering the actual cost of renting.  Being so burnt out, I have to think of it as a health-related expense.  But if the rental company holds a stiff amount over and above the rental (which they typically do) on my credit card for God knows how long, that could hurt.

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