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Some Habits Never Die

It’s Saturday and we have a ton of work to do to get the house in order.  Nor were we in a hurry to do them this morning.  We played hooky instead.

A week and a half in we have curtains and rods, but nobody has found time to hang them.  The only exceptions are my daughter’s bedroom, where her on-again off-again boyfriend C hung them the first night she was here, and in our bathroom, where I did the job myself (including shortening a fabric shower curtain that fills the bill and is mildew-resistant).

G swore up and down he’d at least do the ones in the kitchen yesterday, which I fortunately didn’t expect.  I’ll just take care of them myself, like I should’ve done in the first place – though not until after we move out the second fridge we’ve been borrowing from a neighbor for the past couple of days.

The evil eye finally got G off his ass to get the borrowed fridge, and we went where we should’ve to begin with when it came to finally buy a fridge, a local appliance place that has rent-to-own.  It’s overpriced compared to buying outright but massively cheaper than places like Aaron’s and others that make their entire biz around the rent-to-own public.  We’ll be paying off this fridge tuit suite anywho, and we inadvertently even ended up buying the same brand as all the other new appliances in the kitchen.  We went with black, rather than paying for stainless.  I don’t give a shit if stainless is the latest and greatest.  It’s a royal pain in the ass and I don’t want it.  We got stainless with the stove and dishwasher because they were in the house.  G wanted stainless – until we talked to several folks who actually have stainless and told him he was an idiot, that stainless is the biggest pain in the ass for appliances.  Thanks to them, he decided he wanted black after all.

My next step will be buying a new or relatively new car, same principle.  I am NOT going to dick around any more with the ‘buy-it-cheap-from-Craigslist’ for a car again.  Our van?  We knew it needed work, but when the family mechanic took it apart to really look, it had been jury rigged to hide all the serious crap, by an asshole who knew precisely what he was doing.  Like the seller had removed the check-engine-light bulb altogether.  It’s potentially going to need another $1500 worth of engine work and I’m not jumping through hoops to pay it on another anachronism on wheels.

Hell, I can’t AFFORD to pay it.

So I’m stuck driving a vehicle without AC for 60 miles round-trip to and from work until further notice.  The good part is that despite the distance it is all freeway miles and I work off hours. Mornings are a piece ‘o cake.  I can make the trip in 40 minutes or less.  Afternoons are hot but at least I’m driving away from the sun for the entire trip.

This morning instead of hanging curtains, G and I kept to tradition.  While there really aren’t any thrift stores in this part of the world, it is garage-sale central.  We got a LOT of stuff for ridiculously cheap.  G was flummoxed by one seller; the seller was asking $cheap for a USB wifi connection for my PC (vs the laptop I’ve been using for the past couple of months) and when G said he wouldn’t haggle over the price the guy dropped the price anyway.

Not that we’re complaining, but it was pretty bizarre when we were saying “sure” to the price and he was chopping it again and again anyway, ha!  He did the same with a really high-end stainless toaster.  Our old toaster was bought new for maybe $7.  That was new price, so you can imagine the quality (or rather, lack thereof).  The stainless one today was $7 originally at yard sale prices and the guy dropped it to $5, then $3.  I figured at $3 it was worth it just for scrap metal! Given our track history with mechanical stuff bought used I had been ready to just walk away.  Glad I got it though.

One of the few casualties of our move was the meager number of drinking glasses we had.  They died as the daughter unit was unpacking and we were all so tired we were slap-happy.  Daughter let some of the glasses hit the tile floor and it was all over for ’em.  Can’t say I was terribly broken-hearted about them, since they were dollar-store specials anyway.  Still, it’s kind of inconvenient not to have any glasses in the house, so I had planned to buy more when I next hit one of the big box stores.

Instead, we picked up a nice collection of extremely heavy and good-sized glasses for a song at a yard sale, along with some other odds ‘n ends.  We spent $10 total on that stop and came away with a garbage bag full of stuff PLUS another big laundry basket filled to the brim.  If we can I may go back and get the living room set they were selling.  Didn’t especially want to spend that much but it’s a nice set, Laz-e-boy brand (think I spelled that right) and they can deliver.  The set is more traditional than is my taste, too, but whatever. It’s the “deliver” part that’s the selling point.

I think we spent a total of about $50 today at all stops, including a stop for breakfast and a later one for ice cream.  And we arrived home with the car full to the brim.  Tired and sore and so hot we were sick (before the ice cream stop anyway) and pretty darned happy with the day’s haul just the same.

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