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Some Days You’re the Bug

Urg. You know it’s going to be ONE of those days when you can barely move when you get up, but this afternoon I broke my record for more stupid in less time than ever before.

I bought an older Nook tablet not too long ago at a yard sale, then promptly lost the power cables. That’s Stupid #1. Found a new set of power cables yesterday – which was not stupid, of course. Plugged in said Nook and started powering the sucker up and trying AGAIN to connect it up to the ‘net. Still not to the stupid part.

Doing this all with my laptop in my lap. Yeah NOW we’re getting to the dumber-than-a-box-o-rocks part. AND whilst doing all this, laid the Nook down and grabbed a cuppa hot tea to take a sip. If you’re thinking you’re about to see the Trifecta of Terrible Ideas, the answer is, Oooooooh yeah. The laptop tilted, threatening to drop off the side of the bed. I grabbed for it, tilting part of the tea’s content over it in the process.

All together, boys and girls.


I turned it off immediately and unplugged it, sopped up what I hoped was a surface spill (we’re talking no more than a couple of tablespoons full of liquid, fortunately.) Gave it a few minutes, attempted to turn it back on and… nuttin’. No beep, no light, no signs of life. So I’m letting it sit by its lonesome, unplugged, for a couple of days to dry out fully. Hopefully then I can coax it back to life.

At the moment I’m using an antiquated desktop sitting in G’s office, and hoping that the Nook will perk up enough to keep me online for the next couple of days. It DOES work – and I finally got it to recognize my Google sign-in despite it being an outdated device. I also updated it to the current wifi password, so it does also go online.

I’m glad my critical documents are saved off the computer – on Dropbox, mainly – but I’ve got images and such that I hadn’t had the chance to back up yet. That’ll learn me. I imagine I can get the machine up and running before too much longer, then you bet your sweet bippy I’m going to be uploading those images up to the web for safe keeping. (This is a combination of family images and purchased graphics, none of which are completely irreplaceable but would entail acquiring some brain power which is AWOL today.)

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