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Sleepy Holler

Sundays are meant for sleeping in.  Them’s the rules, right?  So my body, ever vigilant, decreed that I would wake this morning at 6-ish.  Now normally that’s not a huge deal because I’m up at 4 on workdays and I am an aficionado of early-to-bed and all that jazz, so 6am is nonetheless sleeping in.

Except last night ye olde insomnia smacked me upside the head.  Still, I slept late enough yesterday I’m not suffering, and I put some roast beast into the crock pot last night so we’re having BBQ beast for lunch.  Easy peasy.  I can, and fully intend to be, lazy to the very best of my ability for the remainder of the day.

My younger daughter is semi-dating a young man we’ve known forever.  He’s an ass.  But he’s a known ass, and if he in any way mistreats the daughter in his assholieriness, her big brothers and big sister will beat him to a bloody pulp.   Of course they won’t get a crack at him until after younger daughter knocks him upside of his head.  Fortunately aforementioned ass knows it.  And he’s been nuts about my daughter for eons.

Unfortunately the job market’s been so insane that even as a licensed electrician he doesn’t get steady work, just intermittent jobs, which puts a crimp on everybody’s love life these days .

G keeps hinting he needs something more steady so he can take daughter off our hands.

I think G’s kidding.

This guy is my younger son’s longtime best buddy, and is the age of my older son.  And yes, he actually can be a complete and total asshole.  However, since he’s even more terrified of me than of my sons (and he’s properly scared of them) I think he’ll be smarter than to attempt the mean-spirited BS with my daughter that he’s pulled with previous girlfriends.  Besides, my daughter’s playing it smart with this young man.  She’s already grabbed him (proverbially speaking) by the short ‘n curlies a time or three and told him to get his act together or take it on the road.

Kid’s smartening up in her old age.

Scoot back one entry (password protected) for pics and more particulars of our latest house attempt.  A slightly different approach this time.  If  this one won’t fly I truly think we might as well throw in the towel.  We are, as my realtor put it, hitting this one hard to make it happen.

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