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Sleepless in Podunk

It’s 2am.  I do NOT have to work today.  So why did my body decide to go on alert and awake mode at 1am?  Hmm?  I was exhausted and hoping to sleep in until 6-ish.  Insomnia sucks muchly.

We’ll probably do the circuit of yard sales and photo ops this morning later.  Hopefully I’ll be able to come home and crash for a few hours.  In reality since we have a two-year-old in the house, that’s unlikely.  I adore my grandson and the feeling is mutual, and that’s a wonderful treat.  He greets me at the door now, running, arms flung wide, with a highly exuberant, “GRAMMMMMAAAAAAA!”  That’s about the most awesome welcome home I can imagine.

From that point forward he wants Grandma time, nonstop.  He wants me to read to him; to watch videos with him; to sing with him, tickle him… you get the point.   Since he can no longer be contained in his “cage” and is considerably more mobile than I am, that’s challenging at best.  He does a lot of running back and forth between me and his mommy and his Papa (grandpa).  Very happy child, one who knows he’s loved and is smart as a whip and wants constant stimulation.  He’s still on a steep learning curve; from one day to the next his verbal skills are noticeably stronger.  Complete sentences rule, more complex sentences.  He’s recognizing a few letters and I’ve seen signs that he recognizes a few words, though I can’t swear to that part.  He’s rattled a couple of them off but not sure if it was word recognition or that he recognized a brand logo.  I will be very surprised if it doesn’t become reading very, very soon, though.  He’s a sponge for learning, one of those super sponges that start out flat as cardboard and ends up absorbing so much water it’s four feet high.

I’m more tolerant of the gramma monopoly than I might be if it were different timing; Little Guy and his mommy are moving out – at least for the semester – tomorrow.  They’ll be staying with his half-sister’s mommy.  My daughter’s packing now.  It helps both of them: both are in school, they have classes alternating days and can babysit for one another.  Little Guy and his big sister (6 year old) adore one another and the move is a boon for G and I.  I love my daughter and grandson but soooo need this break.

My daughter has also (finally) narrowed down her next steps in terms both of education and vocation.  There’s a three-year waiting list for nursing school, at best.  In the  interim she’s going to get her training to become an EMT.  She had a choice between paramedic training or becoming a certified nursing assistant.  There are two reasons she opted for EMT: one is the pay differential, the other is the fact that you can’t get student loans or other financial aid for the CNA training.  She said there’s also no shortage of work for EMTs, so even if for some reason she doesn’t complete her nursing degree she has a job.

This is crazy ridiculous.  I keep getting connection lost errors.  Not sure if it’s the computer or my hosting account is wonky.

Could be a combination of the two.  I’m going crazy with this old computer and am just about to bite the bullet, say screw the budget, and get something more current.  I  have a $150 gift card waiting in the wings and going to talk to G today about putting that toward an upgrade.  Even a crazy cheap laptop would be leaps and bounds forward from where I’m sitting now.  I might just spring for another iPad and add on a bluetooth keyboard.  With a keyboard I could see it working as a laptop replacement, and I’d be able to get back all my apps from sign-on.  I will have to swap out my MS Office for Google Docs.  There are far worse things.  Then again, the price for a low-end or refurbished laptop isn’t much different and I don’t have to pay for add-ons to get a keyboard.

Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of decisions, keep your fingers crossed.  I applied for a promotion this week.  We’re expanding our department hugely and I figured it’s now or never.  It will almost certainly involve some trade-offs, but I also think it would be an awesome move overall.  Hopefully I’ll hear in the next few days.

They did something like fifty interviews.  That would be a lot if it were just one opening – but I’m not even sure if the interviews were adequate to cover all the openings.  There are a LOT of internal job openings right now.   There were several avails for the specific job I wanted, and several other areas of opportunity beyond that.  I think roughly half my team applied to move into some of the new areas; I believe my manager told us today one  has already been moved.  We’ll see how it turns out.

Without going into too much detail, we had two separate meetings that basically told every one of us to apply for these jobs, apply for multiple positions.  I’ve never seen such a broad-scale expansion over such a short period of time, not even with us.  Even if I don’t get the promotion, I go back to a job I love, in a department that’s exploding in growth, and a recent significant uptick in pay.  Talk about a win-win situation!

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