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Sixteen Tons

Chair.  Is.  Awesome.

Worked OT today and managed pretty well.  Gotta think of a name for my new cherry-red wheels.  She BOOKS through the office – no worries about being late to and from breaks and lunch with this baby!  Some of my colleagues have threatened promised to garnish her with ghost flame decals.  The guys truly watch out for me.  It’s kinda sweet.  Who needs a Segway when I have my little scooter???

I wasn’t sure what to expect as to the longevity of the battery.  So far it looks as though I may only need to charge her once a week or so.  We’ll see how she goes as the week goes on.  Assembling and disassembling is still not rote, though I’m getting there.  She has a few idiosyncracies I’m still learning. Unfortunately one of them is that her horn doesn’t work so I have to be careful not to back up into anyone.

The daughter was asking to borrow my car again to go pick up her son, because her car’s stalling out now and again.  So when she called a while later to ask when I could pay her back what I borrowed for the chair I was thinking, “Oh no, car’s having more problems.”  But no.  Despite knowing she has automotive issues, she’s planning to make a trip to Disneyland.  My mind is officially boggled.  This child has never quite mastered the concept of responsibility, but this one takes the cake.

For the record, she didn’t borrow my car – because my zoomie little cart takes up the entire trunk and leaves no room for baby’s accoutrements.  Do you see my tears of disappointment?


I’m sure they’re around here somewhere. Can’t imagine where they’ve gone.

I told my daughter if she opts to go to Disney it’s her business, but if she elects  that and her car breaks down, she will NOT be borrowing mom’s car again. Much as I love her, I’m doing her no favors by letting her continue to take advantage in such a big way.  She got snotty with me.  Big surprise, huh?

Hmm.. where are those tears of mine again?

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