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Sister Spirit

Daughter o’  mine actually posted to Ancient Humanity.  On the same day I said something to her about it, no less.  Surprised the heck out of me!

The writing and her initial texts to me have generated an ongoing dialogue ever since.  Daughter told me that back when, her grandparents scared her half to death with their alarmist warnings, telling her that her visitor was a witch, was deceptive and evil, and so on.  As young as she was, my daughter’s fright was more than understandable.  How does a very young child combat that level of prejudice, particularly when the whole experience was so new to her?  My parents lived in the realm of black and white: you were either so godly and holy it was not possible in real life, or you were the product of some demonic plague.  There was no middle ground, no spirituality that didn’t fall under their myopic views, and nothing a child could tell them that they couldn’t deride or worse at every opportunity.

Since my daughter and I started talking about her experience, I mentioned my own encounter in the course of life regressions.  Her description of her otherworldly visitor was a physical match to my own spiritual guide – only unlike my daughter, I knew my guide by name from my first regression.  It was someone I’d never met, and yet there was a laughing hug and a conversation that began with, “Oh my God, it’s YOU!”

My daughter and I discussed that the same being could be involved with us both.  It cast an extra layer of intrigue over some facets of my child’s 20-some-year-old OOB.  Several details made me even more inclined to believe it was the same persona.

Thank you, Terri, for taking a moment to comment on my daughter’s entry.  I  know it means a lot to her.

I need to call it a night for now.  So much to think about.

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