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Short Shweet Shrift

This is going to be mighty fast.  I am dead on my butt and going to kick back to watch TV and read, not necessarily in that order.

On a dare, published a short story here.  If you’re religious, don’t read.  It’s not intentionally blasphemous but my experience is when it comes to religion, people tend to lose their senses of humor very fast.

I tend to read an eclectic mix and write in a similar mix.  Most of my fictional writing tends to fall into one of two genres: suspense of humor.  This one is meant to be firmly in the second division.  I’ve taken dares and written romance, but it ain’t my thing.  I do read romance, the trashy stuff at times.  I’m discovering as time goes on that when I do read trashy romance I literally skim past the love scenes to get back to the main story lines.  How weird is that?

At the moment I’m reading a fantasy by Juliet Marillier called Daughter of the Forest.  It’s intriguing enough to pique my interest but not so much that I can’t put it down to do other things.

Heading off now to watch Doctor Who.  Still lovin’ the Doctor.  Sci Fi remains my first and best true love, heh.

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