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Short Circuit

My body pulled a shitload of hurt on me last night, enough so that I had to concede today and call out.  It’s now nearly 11pm and I’m thinking I am going to probably do the same tomorrow.  My knees were giving me hell all night – so was my right arm.

Did I mention that sometimes the arthritis kicks my ass in more than one location?

Yeah, I really need to see what’s needed to get qualified for disability.  Not sure how many more of these flares I can go through and still keep the job afloat.  What’s even better is that the traditional treatment for fibromyalgia, which involves low doses of antidepressants, isn’t an option for me.  Unfortunately the only antidepressant I’ve ever been able to tolerate whatsoever is St John’s Wort, and that conflicts with the cholesterol meds I’m taking.  Gah! (And yes, we’ve tried more than one.)

We’re not talking about just generally feeling icky.  We’re talking about passing out cold on the tiniest dose of mild antidepressants. In one case while I was riding a bicycle.   Thank God it wasn’t on a busy street.  Definitely not a reaction that’s conducive to driving a car – or working, for that matter.

So I am basically stuck with dealing with chronic pain, sometimes worse than others.  The past day has been one of the “worse” ends of the spectrum.

I really gotta remember to win the lottery this week.  This shit’s getting old, lol.

Best part of it is that fibromyalgia is heavily linked to stress.  Not only is chronic stress a causative agent, but it amplifies the effects.  By rights I should get a prescription for six months in Tahiti.  Do you suppose I could submit the bill to my insurance company in advance of the trip?

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