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Today I am on vacation.  An actual vacation, one day, not taking off because I’m sick or have a doctor’s appointment or whatever. It feels glorious.  The weekend overtime’s also on short-term hiatus.  I’ve been working Sundays for the past several weeks, and will pick up again in a bit, but this weekend?  It’s all mine.

I haven’t done much.  G and I visited the one lone little thrift store we found here in town and spent a whopping $3, all for a big collection miscellaneous hardware like cup hooks, furniture knobs, bolts and screws and the like.  So frivolous, heh!

We had fun, didn’t take a lot of time or money, and that was our whole aim.  G’s been miserably sick for the past few days; he was feeling a lot better today and wanted to get out for a short run.

Shot some photos the past few days.  Pointing my friend D here to check them out, and hopefully my handful of other readers won’t mind seeing them either.

We finally found a dinette to swap out for the tall pub one we bought a couple of years ago.  I adored the pub set for looks, but the table was just too small, and the knee’s gotten bad enough I couldn’t even get up and down onto the tall chairs any more.  We have been scoping Craigslist for months now, finally scored this:


It’s a really nice set.  I know where it was originally bought and based on what I know about that store, probably was something on the order of $1500 new.  I talked the sellers down to $100, and already have a buyer for our old set for $100, so for us it’s essentially free.  It’s just the perfect size for our dining area and a much better fit for our needs.  We have a couple of spare chairs we can use and the table’s big enough to work for that too.  Good quality, good deal, and one more thing to check off the list of stuff that we needed to do/get.

We also got a larger set that was too good a job to pass up.  For the moment our great room is eaten up by Little Man’s play yard.  He’s not far from outgrowing it; once he does, we’ll install the larger dining set and hopefully eventually a full-sized sofa.

Also a recent purchase:


See that lamp?  It replaces one that was making me batshit crazy because it was an adjustable-arm lamp. Looked awesome, but the arm wouldn’t lock into place so the bulb invariably landed just a couple of inches above the table, where it was completely useless.  I spent more than I intended, but do like the style of this little light.  It’s a good size and works really well for reading on the loveseat.  I’m hoping to get another just like it before they sell out.

Little Man has his table and chair now too.  He’s a coloring fiend, loves his art time.  You can see the play yard in the background.  It’s something like 5 feet across:


He cracks us up.  Anytime there’s a camera in the room now he immediately says, “Cheese!”  Think he’s been photographed much?

Amazing how much he’s grown since Christmas:


I’m in a lot better mood the past few days.  The mobility chair has not only improved my quality of life about a thousand percent, it’s directly impacted my work.  Thanks to the reduction in pain, I working overtime now and managing it fine, and my sales are up enough to have a substantial impact on my paycheck.  We’re still a little behind on the bills, but should catch up within the next couple of months if all goes well.

My cousin hit the ground running, as well.  He’s picked up and done several chores around the house, he and G hit it off long ago and they keep each other out of trouble.

Daughter’s vehicle should be ready shortly, another huge relief.  I’m tired of her constant use of my only wheels.   Daughter’s buying one of my old cars, the Vitara I bought back in 2005 and has been in the family ever since.  We know its history and know it’s been maintained.  She’s getting a decent vehicle and I get my current wheels back for good.

Little Man is at his dad’s house today and tomorrow, will be home tomorrow night until Sunday night, then go back to his dad’s for a week.  We miss him when he’s gone, but it will be heavenly to come home and go to bed at a time realistic for my work schedule, even if only for a week.

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