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Shed a Little Light on Things

You know, it’s royally annoying to find something you like, get it for a killer price… and be unable to find its mate anywhere.  That’s the one downside of thrift-store shopping.

Now that the kids are gone we’ve been able to finally dig out all our stuff that got buried (and in some cases broken) during their rampage stay.  We have a simple pole lamp that got busted and while it’s annoying, at least it wasn’t a huge investment lost – we paid $15 for it.   We did, however, retrieve a table lamp (undamaged) both G and I love, also a kick-ass deal ($3.50 so even less cash out of pocket).  It’s got a bit of an art deco vibe, a brushed (steel?  nickel?) base and a cloudy glass shade.  We love it enough, in fact, that we’d really, really like to have a pair.  Alas, I can’t find an exact match anywhere so far, and have searched umpteen websites ,including Amazon and eBay since obviously this isn’t a current model.  I don’t know the brand name so tomorrow we’re going to run the model number through Google.  At least that much was retained with it.  The fact that there isn’t a signature or maker’s mark tells me it’s probably a WalMart special, but I don’t care.  It happens to be a WalMart special I love.

We’re in Week Two of work marathon.  I’m counting down the days.  I have vacation days on the 17th and on the 22nd, both for doctor’s appointments.   Otherwise it’s questionable whether or not I’ll get any days off during the next few weeks.  The saving grace of it all is that I hope to retire a few bills and get a vehicle – maybe even a new car.  Yeah, as in No Previous Owners.  What a concept, eh?  The only reason I’m thinking in that direction is that a colleague told me with all the current incentives it’s actually a lower payment for new than used, because of breaks on interest, etc.  Now it may come down to my walking onto the lot and being laughed OFF the lot, but it won’t hurt to give it my best shot.  Or there may simply be absolutely nothing I can afford even with the price breaks.  We shall see.  I’m jonesing for another wagon of some sort, an SUV-wannabe like the Vitara, maybe a PT Cruiser or something comparable.  I think they stopped making the Cruiser a couple of years back, which would necessarily limit me if I got one of those.  They weren’t that outrageously expensive new, but a lot of places are asking used prices that are right up there in the same echelons as new!  A small pickup would be fine, too, but it still comes down to price.

It’ll probably mean postponing the house a bit, but at some point I have to concede to necessity.  Then again, who knows?  It’s still possible to score a kick-ass auction deal there, too.  I have some leads on private financing if all else falls through.  Again, a whole lot of wide-open opportunities ahead of me here.

And of course I still need to get my butt in gear over ReadWriteGo.  Urg – I wanted to devote more time to that, too, but my brain is so fried lately it’s just more than I can do to futz with that, too.

This is necessarily short tonight as I’m well zombified.  But it’s awesome to come home to a spotless house, toss together a quick meal, and kick back for the rest of the night, if you don’t count another kid in need of a rescue, G in need of a haircut, and a few odds’n ends G asked me to put away.  Considering how much G did today what he left for me was peanuts.  I gave him his haircut and trimmed his beard – took maybe five, ten minutes tops – and dinner was courtesy of Marie Callender’s, the freezer and the microwave.  G cleaned up what little there was of a mess.  And OMG it smells so much better since the kids moved out.  The boyfriend smoked.  He didn’t light up inside, but of course everything in here still reeked just from his being here.  After G got done cleaning rug and walls it’s like a whole different place.

And the other kid in need of a rescue had a legit crisis situation.  This is my oldest son.  Just when he was finally getting his life back together his wife of eleven years kicked him out with absolutely nothing but the clothes on his back.  He’d just started a job and managed to scrape enough together to get an apartment, but it literally left him NOTHING for food; he had no pans, no dishes or silverware, no towels, shampoo, soap; and he hadn’t eaten for the past three days.  On top of that his car broke down on the way to work this afternoon.  I did a rescue run, took him some food – and forgot the can opener, unfortunately, so he still couldn’t use some of it.  Fortunately there was enough he could use to tide him over for a couple of nights, and we’ll both get paid day after tomorrow.  He works where I do, albeit in a different location and different hours.  His little brother was helping out with the car situation so he can get to work tomorrow.  I also took towels and washcloths – decent ones but some I’d planned to replace anyway – along with some mismatched dishes, pans, etc., and toiletries.   A couple of other people managed to get him a bed and a sofa so he’s no longer sleeping on the floor.

Talk about when it rains it pours!!

I’m still immensely thankful for a lot of things.  After winnowing out stuff for the kids we still have plenty of everything and lots more room to keep it.  They got nice things, too – Dave got a set of cast-iron skillets, among other things.  Those suckers are normally expensive and I didn’t use them enough to justify the space they occupied here.  (Yeah that’s my oldest’s name but considering how many Daves there are around the world I don’t think it’s giving all that much away, lol.)

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