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Shake and Bake

Gotta love springtime in Arizona.  We hit the 90’s the past few days.  Yet tomorrow we’re supposed to stop shy of 80, and by the weekend dip another 15-20 degrees.  Crazy stuff!

We hammered out a deal to rent a vehicle for a few weeks whilst either we get the old car running or get a newer one purchased, whichever comes first.  It’s looking more and more like it’ll be new car first, which I can’t say breaks my heart.  I know roughly what we have to spend and we should have enough to get a vehicle with a working AC.  That’ll be a godsend this summer!

My next bonus check kicks ass.  Seriously, it’ll be enough to pay off a big chunk toward the vehicle.  If I can keep the momentum going it shouldn’t take too long to get ‘er done, which alone will be enough to remove a lot of stress from my life.  I can deal with that!

Still half-assed looking at houses, though not going to futz too much with it until the car’s resolved.  If I can kick out a few more big bonus checks like my next one (and it won’t take many) the house will also be more or less of a slam dunk.  I’m looking forward to that too.  We actually have a respectable amount of space, but being married to a pack rat it sure doesn’t seem like it.  I tend to go through things once or twice a year and cull mercilessly, from clothing to books to whatever.  If nagged encouraged my spousal unit will do a bit of cleanout, but he sure as heck doesn’t like it, heh.

I have a follow up tomorrow with the knee doc and next week with my GP to check what may be skin cancer.  I didn’t notice the spot but my daughter saw it this weekend and insisted I get checked.  If it is skin cancer it will be a chop and stitch, I add industrial-strength sunscreen to my routine, and life goes on.  I looked again this afternoon and while the spot ain’t pretty I am not convinced it is cancer either.   God knows I get enough skin tags and some of them are ugly and dark colored.  They’re also short-lived, albeit annoying.

Otherwise I’m finally shaking the cold that’s kicked my butt for the past few weeks.  I came home yesterday and passed out for several hours, got up and shoveled in a humongous bowl of Chinese food (mostly veggies) and curled up in bed again for the rest of the night.  Today while I can’t say I felt great, I wasn’t coughing nearly as much despite being on the phones all day.

We had a full house for Easter: all the kids and a good chunk of the grandbabies.  I took a bunch of pictures with my iPhone, now just need to get them uploaded…  If and when I do I’ll probably stick them on Facebook, since the kids asked to see them there.

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