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Serendipity Incorporated

It’s beyond late – and I need to get to sleep – but wanted to put something into words before the brain was any more jumbled.

The new project with ReadWriteGo is having interesting repercussions on several levels. I can’t post all of the ramifications, but I can remark on one that took me by surprise.

G’s writing and seriously jazzed at the prospect.

For all my moments of bitching and moaning about my hubby there are some things which are consistent.  I respect and enjoy his intellect, and enjoy even more those rare flashes when personality seeps through the milquetoast demeanor.  He’s got a sense of humor that shows up now and then, but rarely do I see true excitement from him.  This has him excited and I can imagine him pulling it off.  He’s literate, multilingual, and logical.  At various times of his life he’s been all over the world.

He’s decided to fold all of those things into a the form of a mystery.  The author in him has finally bubbled to the top, something I’d been hoping to see for a while.  (He’s talked about it in the past.  Unfortunately always before it was with a self-defeatist attitude.  That attitude’s been adjusted now.)

Here’s to all future novelists and researchers and photographers – all the people whose work has been languishing in the dusty corners of their brains.  Get ’em out, dust ’em off and commit the words to electronic format, then send ’em on over.

I’m also going to try and corral another friend who’s a professional illustrator.  She’s been operating her own website for a while and that’s good; however, there is an advantage in a site that offers the works of multiple works by multiple artists/authors.  It exposes you to more potential readers and thus more income.  So we might expand the site to include the equivalent of graphic novels, aka comic books.  Viva variety!

Otherwise it was a pretty craptacular day.  The crowning moment was late afternoon when my glasses disintegrated into two pieces.  It wasn’t that they broke.  They were soldered in the temple area, though, and came apart.  Being blind as a bat without the extra eyes, I cobbled together as well as I could and drove to Lens Crafters, where I’d paid entirely too much for the one-hour glasses that actually took two weeks.  I had a one-year warranty on them, so at least there was that.

Errr… well not exactly.  Seems their “warranty” entails charging you half for replacement frames, provided they still carry the frames in stock. They didn’t, which meant they’d have to special order the frames at a higher cost.  Their solution – seriously – was done with Scotch tape.  Considering I’m due for new glasses next month, and considering “broke” would be a couple of steps up from my current bank account conditions, I gave them polite instructions on where to put their warranty.  Needless to say, Lens Crafters won’t ever see me darkening their doors again.

I had an opportunity to work OT this weekend and gave it serious consideration.  I considered the idea lunacy no matter how much I need the money, so turned it down.

My oldest grandson’s supposed to arrive in the morning and will be getting his Christmas gift from us a week early since he won’t be here the following weekend.  I think he’ll like it.  Being related to my family he’s pure techie, and I found a kids’ digicam that’s also got software to edit videos, etc.  He’ll have a blast.

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