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Sometimes you just have to shake your head. A couple of days ago I was debating whether or not to shell out $25 for one of those back-massage cushions, the full-length ones that go in a chair. (Specifically my kills-my-back computer chair, the freebie G insisted was the perfect chair for me and thus gave away the older but more comfy one I had been using. But I digress.)

Instead we walked into our favorite second-hand store this weekend and found exactly the back massage thingy I was considering, in perfect working order, for less than $5.

Good thing I didn’t shell out $25. I am actually okay with the massage part; unfortunately I’m not so good with the fact that it adds about 2.5 inches to the height of my chair and therefore screws royally with my knee. And the massage points are little plastic spheres that, when you’ve been sitting on them a while (with or without power) hurt like hell on your ass.


We’d looked at a wunnerful place a week ago, the one that was truly drool-worthy. Lots of space, 2 bed, 2 bath, fireplace, the whole shebang, and a wee bit less than we’re paying now for a crackerbox.

This weekend I walked through another crackerbox slightly larger than where we now live – only with VASTLY better grounds with acres of grass and trees, includes washer and dryer, two baths (we currently have one) and $300 a month less than what we’re now paying.  I couldn’t remember how much their ad had mentioned and the lady rattled off a number.  I kind of choked, told her how much we were paying now, and she just smiled while taking us on the tour.  I’m sure she figures we’re a shoo-in and then some.

There are multiple apartments in a building but your living room window in this place does NOT give you a direct shot of your neighbors scratching their butts.  I am not exaggerating when I say there’s a good two football fields’ worth of grass and trees between you and the building across from you.

Yes, it’s in a good part of town. Hardwood flooring in the bathrooms, kitchen and entry area, too. (Or some reasonably convincing facsimile.) Complex includes a clubhouse and a fitness center, and it’s virtually brand new.

My youngest daughter and I went looking at it and we liked. That was kinda cool, in an “Oh well,” sort of way, since youngest daughter is moving back in with us, as she flunked one of her nursing classes thanks to the chaotic world of her older sister’s place.   While the two full baths would be nice and the apartment would be fine for a single person or a couple that didn’t include a pack rat, the trade-off was virtually zero storage space and the bedrooms were very tiny.  Entirely too small for all three of us.

I’m glad we determined the kid’s moving back before we rented, vs. after.


The car had gotten to the place that I really was terrified to drive it.  It desperately needed brakes and I was stretching to try and cover everything asap.  So oldest daughter’s boyfriend turned Gestapo and commanded my presence, with vehicle, at their place.  He fixed the brakes and greased the likewise-not-so-great wheel bearings, gratis.

That part was marvelous.  The downside is that the AC is officially dead.  It blows.  (If only it blew cold…)  The car still runs well, but as we head into 110ºF and upwards, I’m driving around in sheer misery.


A shout-out to Rosie for pointing the world to some fabulous help links.  I’m planning to listen and read my way through a few of them!

Late edit for a truly Twilight Zone story on planet Earth:

How about a radio – one without power – that’s playing back a repertoire of live broadcasts from the WW2 era.  I am not kidding, and this is the second article I’ve read about it.  The story is here.  And you thought Doctor Who was a work of fiction!

Speaking of which, this week’s Doctor Who was simultaneously poignant, outrageous and thought provoking.  The Doctor and his companion popped back in time to meet Vincent Van Gogh.  Van Gogh’s madness was presented in a pretty damned realistic manner.  There were some references to older episodes that new viewers wouldn’t get, and there was an all-too-real invisible monster (which also, as it turned out, was at once simpler and more complex than first characterized.)  If you’ve never before watched the show, this wouldn’t be a bad introduction.

Gotta love an omnipotent intergalactic hero whose only weapon is a sonic screwdriver.

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