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We haven’t heard any final word yet about the house, though we did get a bit of news.  Apparently the owners accepted a cash offer before ours, BUT the offer came attached to a required earnest money payment to be deposited by Friday, and as of yesterday it hadn’t appeared.  The current homeowners were actually really happy that we were asking for a 60 day close and I gather if the cash offer falls through, they’ll be accepting our offer.

That would make me very, very happy.  We asked for a closing date of July 12.  I had enough of a good feeling about this deal that I had already asked for (and have been approved for) the day off of work.  That date will dovetail nicely with the end of our lease, and give us plenty of time to get done everything we need to get done and get out of this apartment prior to August 1.

It will retire a nice chunk of my stress to know we’ve got things pinned down.

G kind of cracked me up this morning.  We went out for breakfast and he got downright indignant over my daughter’s comment that the kitchen on the house needs to be updated.  The cabinets are fine but she’s somewhat right – the dishwasher looks to be very old school.  G and I are of the opinion that who cares what it looks like, long as it works!

If push came to shove, G would like all stainless appliances.  He might’ve gone through homeless days.  They didn’t quash his caviar tastes.  I frankly prefer all white because they’re easier to keep clean and I can’t see paying a premium for the exact same product just for a different color.  I’d probably even settle for the antiquated harvest gold or avocado that was popular in the 70’s.

Well, maybe not that old, since anachronisms of that pedigree would also be energy eaters, but you get the idea.

The cold that smacked me this week is still hanging around, but after sleeping for a good chunk of the weekend (and knowing we may finally be making progress on the house) I’m feeling a bit better.  I threw some meat into the crock pot for dinner and will make some veggies and real mashed ‘taters to go with.  Dinner solved.  Been to the grocery store to get the odds and ends we needed.  The rest of the day is for kicking back and letting my body recover a bit more.

G and I are operating on the premise that this house will go through, but the promised glut of foreclosed properties is also starting to appear so if for some reason this deal went kerplooey we’ll still have other options.  Still, this home just feels right, for a lot of reasons.  It did when I first saw it listed – it more or less called to me.

In numerology it’s an 8 house, good for getting our finances in order.  I could definitely deal with that.  It’s a good location – far enough out of the Phoenix metro proper to mean less pollution, which would probably be better both for my allergies and for the baby’s respiratory issues.  It’ll mean a grass yard where doggy and baby can romp.  G’s already planning to construct a play house for them.

I have faith.  Everything will work out as it should, when it should.

For all my friends who are mothers, who have biologically or otherwise have mothered anyone – happy mother’s day.

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