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One VERY busy morning later, we’re ahead a few things for the house.  We went yard-sale-ing and hit SAS Fabrics.  SAS Fabrics is my friend.  While I couldn’t find anything for $1 a yard, I found some reversible, heavy drapery material for $3.99 a yard which will lend itself beautifully to Roman shades.  That’s my kitchen window solution.

We also picked up a set of extremely heavy lined drapes still in the dry-cleaner’s plastic, for $20.  The bill was still attached: it was $159 to dry clean and looking at the drapes I could see why.  The woman said she paid over $1K for them new and I am not surprised.

I am not in love with the bland cream color, and they’re stained in one spot, but they ARE large enough for our oversized bedroom window and will tide us over until I can find something better.  I might be able to remove the stain with Mexican soap.  That stuff takes out everything.  It’s laundry soap in a big bar, like hand soap, that is intended for hand washing with a washboard.  I used it to remove paint stains from my older son’s shirt when he was little.  It’s not mild to your hands, but if you scrub enough it can work wonders.

We picked up a few other odds ‘n ends, things we knew we’d need and definitely didn’t want to wait and pay retail to buy.  We got a set of bi-fold wood doors for $4,  G will be mounting them between the bedroom and the master bath.  There’s no bathroom door in the master bedroom and that is a shared pet peeve.  (We took a tape measure when we went last weekend and measured where we needed window coverings, fridge, etc.)

The fridge will have to wait until the last minute because frankly there’s no place to store it.  We were going to check a repair place to see about buying a vacuum, but nothing was open.  You don’t buy random used vacuums in this part of the world because of the bedbug resurgence.  Vacuums are known to spread the critters, so unless a vac comes from a reputable shop or from a place we trust, we’re not buying a used machine.

So… progress, albeit we didn’t accomplish everything we’d hoped.

After melting for several hours in the heat, we came home and crashed.  I think I slept about 90 minutes and feel like it wasn’t enough.

G is doing all of our packing, and more power to him.  He takes immense pride in his abilities as a former freight hauler and his ability to pack efficiently and fast.  And if I don’t have to do it, I’m certainly not about to argue with him!!  We’ve got boxes stacked in the living room now and no doubt will see the wall of boxes grow over the next few weeks.  I’m glad it’s getting done.

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