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I’m SO.  FRIGGING.  GLAD.  I don’t have to work tomorrow.  It’s been a horrendously long couple of weeks and I’m just dead on my ass as a result.  Fortunately I have a vacation day Thursday (though it’ll probably be a dead run all day, anyway.  Appointments back-to-back-to-back.  Urg.)  I’m looking forward to the financial rewards of the overtime but will be mighty glad to be back to regular hours, too.

Still checking options for a car.  I mentioned getting something from an auction to G and he said flat-out no.  Obviously I make the money and I make the final call on it, but he pointed out that any auction vehicle is a pig in a poke and could leave us with NO transportation plus out a lot of money.  Unfortunately he’s right.  I’ve had good luck in the past with auction vehicles but all it takes is this one time of being wrong and I’m unemployed, which would be a disaster.  So we’re back to figuring out other alternatives.  We’re working with one dealership that knows our situation, trying to find something in our price range.  And face it – we’re driving a 17-year-old car.  There’s nowhere to go but up from there.  It all boils down to budget and my other three non-negotiable requirements: automatic transmission, working AC, and cruise control.

Considering the current state of car sales, I figure it’s a waiting game.  Sooner or later we’ll find a vehicle that’s viable and we DO have the luxury of waiting for it a while longer.  Either that or I’ll win a vehicle and the rest becomes moot.  It does happen – my mom won a new car when I was about 12 or 13, something like that.  My family was in similar financial straits back then.  Besides, we won the gift certificate for the computer, didn’t we?  I meant to buy a lottery ticket today but my brains were too fried to make it happen.   Still might buzz down the street and get one.

Dinner’s on the stove – making real mashed potatoes, warming up some leftover roast beast and gravy, and fixing a couple of veggies to go with.  We have gingerbread for dessert, made it last night and between G and me we polished off half the pan last night!!   In spite of that bit of indulgence, I have noticed I’m definitely eating less since the kids moved out.  My stress levels have fallen exponentially despite the glut of overtime and the brain fuzz over the car situation.  It will all work out.  I’m due.

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