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Rude and fully ginger

Back before gray hair toned down the brassiness, I was a strawberry blond. Now the catchphrase is ginger, which I find a bit silly. Ginger – the spice root – isn’t red, it’s more white. And I happen to adore the stuff. Tonight we had Chinese food and I made homemade-from-a-box gingerbread.

G once made a face when I tales about making gingerbread. Took me until just a few months ago to actually make some of the stuff. From that point forward G’s snub got dumped for pure drooling sugar lust. I cracked up when he went back for thirds.

Applied today to move somewhere a bit more reliable on the paycheck. Good timing as it turned out, as looks like they’re going to be hiring several folks to the job. Cross your fingers!

Also got a bit of – not sure what to call it exactly. My daughter’s BFF is a young gay man who’s in his 20’s and a landlord. The latter wasn’t a planned situation. His mom is largely disabled and it fell to him to be responsible for her house. We’re due to renew our lease soon and that had been our plan – but J’s tenant is leaving and he wants G and I to move in. We may do it. We’re looking at little if any increase to move from an apartment to a 3 bedroom house.

We just need to pin things down. He’s already told us no deposit so that would be majorly awesome. Plus it’s not far from here so still great location for us.

Still trying to tie up the book, plus put something else up for sale too. Waiting to see where it goes – kind of a maybe with the potential to be a windfall. One unofficial appraisal put it at over 20K value. Of course it is only worth what somebody will pay for it, IF the right buyer is there. I hate being cryptic but this particular doodad was something I’d forgotten about. Well, doodads since it’s more than one. Unless and until I know it’s gonna fly I am taking a wait-and-see approach.

Kind of in a bizare mood. I am still reserving judgment on some issues but have an eye on the door. Trying to keep chugging along a little longer. I took off Monday so have a three-day weekend ahead. We’re supposed to go to a birthday party Saturday; otherwise I’m hoping to write my ass off this weekend. With serendipity on the horizon, who knows where things may land?

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