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Royally Something

Mother’s Day came early at my house.  My daughters called me a couple of days ago to inform me that I was to make no other plans for today.  That wasn’t a problem as all my “gotta-do’s” were handled yesterday, thank God.

Shortly before 10 this morning the girls showed up, plus oldest daughter’s boyfriend and two of my four grandkids (one of whom I am lucky to see once a year, a terrific bonus!)  The girls had brought me all kinds of goodies: a live orchid plant, cards, a new dress, a new pair of shoes, a muchly expensive bottle of wine and a hair flower-doodad.  I was ordered to don the dress and shoes and #2 daughter added the flower to my hair.  The crew then hustled us all out to a humongous breakfast.

After breakfast, the boys (in all ranges) went their merry way to play video games, whilst all females in the family decamped to a salon for a full mani-pedi.  Honey, THAT is my definition of heaven.  The chairs were even equipped with massage machine.  A few hours and French tips later we split up so my oldest daughter went to spend precious time with her son, and youngest daughter took me to a gourmet tea shop for liquidness, after a brief stop to buy me a couple of lovely little goodies from Claire’s.  (Not sure why we still frequent their stores at all, given that several years later they STILL haven’t paid several weeks’ worth of wages to #1 daughter, but I digress.)

Now this was on top of two OTHER miracles this week, I should add.  When oldest daughter moved out, she left me holding the bag financially on a few things, but most disastrously my wheels.  I not only didn’t have my transportation, but her absconding with them meant I was unable to pay off the small remaining balance on the loan.  It was just enough that I couldn’t dredge it up in a single payment.  I’d been trying to work out how to clear that off my record as quickly as possible given that the finance company wasn’t willing to negotiate anything.  However, #1 daughter showed me a receipt – she paid the bill in full, in cash, just a few days ago.  Not only that, but she got the collections reference pulled from my credit report!  (Her boyfriend used to repo cars and knows all the tricks of the trade. )

Not only that, but I managed to clear ANOTHER smallish but significant fiscal blip this week on my own.  Throw in a reasonably good week overall at work and I’ve gotta say it’s been a pretty darned good week.  Bring on the miracles and keep ’em coming!

My troll still doesn’t get that whatever snark she throws at me gets caught by the spam filters, so her comments are annoying but hardly a big deal.  Nothing like a royal nutcase to make me appreciate my longtime readers.  Y’all are why I am still here seven years after my first post on Diaryland!

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