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Rolling Along

I started to write post A, then decided to backtrack and write post B. For my handful of readers, I know you follow me on FB too so you already know we got a couple of offers on the house. One’s pretty darned good, actually, and we’ll probably end up taking it unless something comes through tomorrow morning first thing.

I’m exhausted tonight. The past two days are enough to convince me that I really, REALLY don’t want to do this often, if ever again. It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t also having to cart around yon puppy of dog. Were it only G and I we could take our laptops and camp out at the library or other source of freebie WiFi. But with WiFido in tow, that’s not an option. Ergo we drive needlessly to kill time while people are looking at our house. My body doesn’t like driving for hours on end, and it’s giving me Hell for putting it through that.

Today, thank God, the realtor suggested we stay put, because it was close to an all-day marathon. I daydreamed about having two people going through the house at the same time. I didn’t daydream about three at a time plus one or two more waiting in cars outside, which is what it turned out to be.

Tonight my oldest daughter came dragging in with the grandson in tow, her frustration and worry palpable. I won’t go into all the gory details, but we’re really up against a whole lot of walls and fresh out of the capacity to rescue anybody else. The kids just use our house as kind of a revolving door, moving in and out at will. I couldn’t see this daughter and little autistic grandson living on the streets, but we literally can’t keep footing the bill for everything. Yet my poor daughter is working full time and thanks to an ex who perjured himself six ways from Christmas, she’s paying off tens of thousands of bills that by rights aren’t hers to pay. She even tried to tell the judge after the fact; the judge told her, verbatim, that it wasn’t his job to correct the situation. He threatened to jail her if she didn’t cough up the money, though.

Don’t let anyone tell you debtor’s prisons don’t exist. They do in a thousand different ways, and they’re growing more and more pervasive.

G and I will be moving to an age restricted community because that’s frankly our only option. We will have enough to take care of ourselves for about a year – but not if that includes supporting two more people. It’s really a challenging situation all the way around, and so far my brain’s coming up short on solutions.

Mobile Makeover 2We’re looking at getting a cheap fixer mobile, making it livable, maybe even then selling and getting another and doing the same thing, if we can make enough on it.

Hey, some people flip houses. We wouldn’t be the first to start by flipping mobile homes. We can do paint and flooring and have sources to do plumbing and electrical if necessary, though hopefully we don’t have to deal with the latter, which can get pricey in a hurry. With what we’ll have to spend, and the prices of places we’re considering, we can still do quite a bit of work to make things livable.

We found one mobile option that looks promising, assuming we can setup a time to see inside. I got a phone call and text back from the seller yesterday, but never heard back again. I’m calling again tomorrow – if we can firm something up, great. If not, we’ll move on. One thing about this area – there are lots of mobile homes available that are cheap fixers, and we’re not afraid to tackle most of the issues they present.

That picture above? Those are IKEA cabinets in a double-wide mobile home, and laminate flooring. I’d want a different backsplash, but those cabinets are gorgeous. I wouldn’t go to IKEA though – found out the exact same brand of cabinetry is about $50-75 less per piece at Home Depot.

I wanted to rip out the carpet at the house and replace with laminate or wood. Looks like it was the right idea, wrong place, ha!

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