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We cut the cable TV cord almost a year and a half ago. Cable television has become so prohibitively expensive I simply couldn’t justify the expenditure any more. Now that the budget has changed, I’m more grateful than ever that we dumped it.

Unfortunately where we live, while technically considered a suburb of Phoenix, is so far out in the boonies that there ain’t no antenna TV short of crawling through the attic to fish through a cable from the rooftop setup. Neither the husband unit nor I are physically capable of doing that, and so I tried – and failed, many times over – to find an indoor antenna that would get us at least a few local stations.

We bought a Roku, which was one of our better investments. Then we picked up another for the other TVs in the house. They’re a bit pricey, but it’s a one-time thing rather than an ongoing expense.

We did spring for SlingTV, which includes goodies like HGTV, the History Channel, the Travel Channel, etc. Depending on a number of factors, I might splurge a couple of months of HBO Now and binge-watch Game of Thrones. We have Netflix, which I rarely watch but the husband unit watches often. When the grandson is here he’s all over Netflix. (We set him up a kid-friendly segment in his name.)

There are still times I’d like to watch network TV. Among other things, I’d like the option to watch live when something major happens in the world. I don’t consider Facebook a reliable news source, and by the time a story hits the CNN website it’s often a week old (or more.) There are some PBS shows that aren’t on the PBS app. And I’m frankly getting sick of watching some network shows on my computer because they aren’t available on Roku. Therefore I was tickled pink when I discovered a free option for live network TV on a private channel available for Roku. If any of my readers also channel surfs via Roku, let me know and I’ll give you the particulars. I have both where you add the channel and how to activate it, because it’s a bit tricky to setup.

Life has been… interesting. We’ve torn through the house and cleaned, hubby started painting, cleared out a lot of clutter and just plain stuff we didn’t need. We delivered a car full to my son today, ostensibly for their yard sale this weekend. Son said he’ll probably keep most of what I brought. Oh well – once we give it to them it’s theirs. They can do whatever they want with it.

We’ve still got a way to go – only have two rooms painted so far – but making progress. I can’t paint at all and hubby can only do things a little at a time. The two secondary bedrooms are done. Next up is the guest bathroom. We’re taking down the crappy frameless sheet mirror and replacing it with a nice framed one.

Best of all, the dirty beige walls are going away!!! We found a pale gray just a shade darker than white. The two rooms that are already done? They look amazing, much brighter and cleaner simply by virtue of the color change. Hopefully photos will follow soon.

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