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While the title doesn’t refer to my change of design (though if the boot fits redo it, right?) it’s a reflection of life’s little do-overs, wherever they may appear.  Plus, I figured since I’m in a miracle state of mind I might as well choose the template that symbolized the thought.

Whilst planning our escape move to other, less pricey housing options, G discovered that our lease here extends longer than we planned.  I am not a happy camper, but at least it’s only an extra month and not an extra year.  And I’m glad we discovered it NOW, rather than after we’d already plunked down money on another place.

I was counting on a mid-summer move because miserable as the weather is in this part of the world, prices are also at their lowest.

Having pretty much given up on the thought of buying right now, for any number of reasons, there are still options on the horizon.  While I don’t pretend to be glad the economy tanked, I am very happy I didn’t get tied into a mortgage I couldn’t afford back in the day.  Now the tide has turned and there are some very affordable housing alternatives out there, in good parts of town, in a price range we can easily manage.

At the moment I’m on a drool-fest, my eyes pinned to a nice, juicy proverbial carrot.  A few years back, shortly after my oldest son and his wife married, I experienced a serious case of home envy.  They were then in a roommate situation and rented what I still think was one of the most awesome apartments in one of the most awesome complexes I’d ever seen.  They were far too rich for my blood and I figured ten years later they were probably still well out of our reach.

Lo and behold, that complex now falls smack in the middle of our price range and that’s one of the directions we’re considering.  These places live far less like apartments and far more like condos – only the apartment complex handles maintenance and so on.  The grounds are by far the nicest of anyplace I’ve seen in Arizona.  It’s like walking outside into a fabulous botanical garden.

So despite the fact that yesterday was the day from Hell, tonight I’m in a much better state of mind.

We also scored some much-needed deals today.  Recently in one of my better culinary moments I left a pan on the stove while taking care of some short-term bathroom business that took longer than expected.  By the time I got back to attend to the pan, my nice simple veggies were full flambe.  The non-stick interior was blistered and broken and unusable and my long-time most favorite-ist (and most used) pan was RIP.

Today I found an awesome, top-of-the-line stainless pan in the exact size I needed.  This is one of those that, if you were buying it new, would cost you a pretty penny and more.  We’re talking professional quality, and in like-new condition.  Not only did I pick it up for what a steal, but the store had a BOGO special so I got TWO of these gems for a killer price.  If I’d have the money I’d have grabbed the other couple of pieces in the set, but our budget simply wouldn’t stretch that far.

At the same store I also found a couple of purses, also BOGO.  Y’all know, if you’ve been reading my diary for any amount of time, how much I detest the process of purse shopping.  I can’t find the right size, or the one I want is out of my budget, etc.  So to find two on the same day, and get them BOGO (and at thrift store pricing, to [re]boot!) falls under my definition of miracle.  No more purse shopping for a looooooong time to come!  The timing was perfect, too.  My handbag situation was reaching critical mass and had already begun meltdown.

The Magic CircleI also finally finished reading a book.

Yeah, I know, that’s hardly earth-shattering news.  It’s just that I normally go through books like drinking water: frequently, quickly, enjoying one then  coming back for another shortly thereafter.

THIS little bit of convolution in a binder was a who ‘nother issue.  It was interesting, or would have been had it not jumped across multiple centuries without warning, hopskotching from Jesus and the Essenes to Celtic Druids to Ghengis Khan to Adolph Hitler.  It promised a metaphysical resolution of earth-shattering import.  Instead it ended in a train wreck of incest and other misalliances, betrayals and bad judgments on steroids.

I was particularly disappointed because the author is clearly adept with words and with concepts.  She was able to skillfully tie all the disparate and remote historical references together.  Sadly, in the end all she did was leave them in a discombobulated knot.   Tied together, but at the end of the knot you’re still left dangling on the frayed bits of idea and looking for the bombshell ending that never quite materializes.

Maybe this was Book 1 in a series – I didn’t see anything to suggest that was the case, if so.  I’m just glad to be done with it.  Normally I go through 2 or three novels a week, even with the work schedule I pull.  This one has taken me more than two weeks and I can’t even say I particularly enjoyed the process.  I just kept sticking with it on the aborted promise of a perfect solution.

I guess that’s the extent of my gambling instincts: 25 cent novels that pay off with a good ending, heh!

All righty then.  It’s time to wrap things up here and call it a night for good.  It’s after 1am and my bed is calling my name.  If I don’t answer, it’s gonna think I stood it up.

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