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Readin’, Ritin’ and ‘Rithmatic

Whew… the slave driver hath prevailed this weekend.

In reality it wasn’t exactly a slave driver scenario.  It was more that I needed to get this stuff done and G kept hounding bitching nagging reminding me until I just sat down and started writing, copying and editing how-to articles on the website.  In reality it needed to be done.  I should’ve started long ago, but of course being the Empress of Procrastination, it took me a few months to get my humongous ass in gear and get ‘er done.

Weirdest part is that once I started I didn’t want to quit – probably because once I set something down, God knows when I’ll pick it up again.  And I actually enjoy writing this stuff.  It’s what I do.

Grandma and JusticeOtherwise, it’s been a bleh day today.  Work was work, I wanted to reach out and throttle a couple of folks through the phone, typical stuff.  I still love my job and am mighty grateful for the opportunities it gives me, but so help me some days…

The big picture at left, if you haven’t figured it out, is me and my sole granddaughter. I’ve got some gorgeous grandsons, but this is our only little girl! A real beauty, isn’t she?

To your left and down you’ll see I added a section to my menu: just some extra stuff and such that I’ve set up but mostly haven’t used yet.  There’s a forum if anybody’s interested.  Free, no spam, no crapola.  My “colorwheel” with the hex codes for web-safe colors.  The photo album I’m still workin’ on.  (Still workin’ on the forum too, for that matter, but who’s counting?)  It’s all calculations, making sure my replacement images match for size and color and so on, and so on.

Anywho, the plan is to get everything on the site lined out so it’s more or less the same color and the top banner syncs up for all my pages.  I can do it, only question is how long it takes me to get there, hehe.

I think G is gradually coming around to my point of view on the house.  Or maybe it’s just that he’s coming around.

No, of course that isn’t a sledgehammer in my hand.  It’s an optical illusion.

Damn, these optical illusions get heavy after you lug ’em around for a while though, don’t they?

I’m gonna make this short – hopefully to upload more pictures, for one things, and for another, to put away the clean clothes (G washed and dried but brought ’em to me to fold.  I insisted.)

Here’s hoping everyone had a nice weekend!

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