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Readin’ Ritin’ and ‘Rithmatic

Okay, I have succumbed to the masses and purchased  Considering the number of my readers, I think two in favor counts as the masses… right?

G promised to build the site, which actually makes me feel a lot better.  I can build, no doubt about it – but he’s better at that end of things, substantially so.  Though I’ll be doing the graphics, thank you very much.   G’s great with the techie stuff, but he doesn’t have an art background.  His idea of a brilliant site is done in shades of blue, blue, gray and blue.  Oh, and did I mention blue?  Nothing wrong with blue but it doesn’t convey excitement unless it’s done right, and variations of pale blue-gray in marginally different depths… not so much.  (Notwithstanding that’s what I have here, HAHA!)

I found a template I liked and have been tweaking it as I go.  If you get a chance, jump on over and take a look.  I want something that will be clean enough and frou-frou free enough to appeal to guys, but artsy enough to appeal to women, too.  I’ll take all the feedback I can get!

(I can do the designy stuff and a basic install – it’s handling the web store and plugins at which G excels.  I can do it but it takes me about twenty times as long as it does for him and where I get impatient, he’s got the time to get it right no matter how long it takes.)

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