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Living in Arizona, it’s a rare day when it rains all day, and rarer still where it keeps raining for a couple of days or more without any real break.  This week’s been one of those scenarios.  I wish I could enjoy it!

I was going to bitch and moan about the fact that bronchitis is still kicking my ass.  I changed my mind.  It’s a virus, it’s nasty, and it will pass.   Rather than complain about the misery, I will thank my lucky stars that I am living in 2011.  Had all this happened 100 years ago I’d probably have been dead, or at least in substantially worse shape.

I’m thankful I have a job and a decent home.  It may be a bit of a tight squeeze with everyone here but you know what?  We’re alive, the rent is paid, the utilities are paid, and we have food.  That’s a huge improvement over years in my past.  I have medical insurance and I have a doctor who DID and DOES listen so I can get appropriate care.  I am thankful for all those things.  I have a spousal unit who, despite the occasional grumpiness, is kind and is pretty damned patient with my hordes of kids and grandbabies.  In fact, our youngest grandson is nuts about his grandpa G and vice versa.

Our car is old and rickety and it runs.  Would I like something better?  Sure.  But old and running beats new and dead every time.  Especially when old and running happens free of car payments.

So despite the fact that I’d like to hire somebody to dredge out my lungs, I’m glad for the blessings, too.

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