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Rain Dance

G turned off the AC tonight – and not only did I not kill him, but I asked for it.  Mother Nature has been on a kick and it’s just starting.

It’s been a nasty day for driving on the freeway: at least one person died in a horrendous multi-vehicle crash south of here this afternoon.  For me it was a different scenario: I slept so much yesterday that for the first time in forever I was relatively pain free.  G and I went out for a short trip, enjoying the breeze and the cooler temps this afternoon.  I imagine it was still in the low 90’s but after all the craptacular 110 degree plus summers here, 92 or 93 is comparatively awesome.

A few minutes ago the rain started and the thermometer really fell.  According to NOAA it’s now 70 degrees outside.  Darlin’, that’s my definition of heaven! 

Our trip today was just about a mile and a half to one of our local thrift store stompin’ grounds.  We’re broker than broke but we periodically check things out for two reasons: it’s a hella lot cheaper for a few dozen books, at 25 cents to a dollar, than just one trip to the movies; and G has a great eye for turning his purchases into money.

Staples still gives you $2 in store credit for every ink cartridge you turn in.  When you get them at the thrift store for $1 apiece that’s an instant 100% profit.  When you get them for 40 or 50 cents, the profit margin is 300%.  It’s not a risk like the stock market; we haven’t ever failed to collect our coupons.  It’s how we scored a $240 office-quality printer/scanner/copier/fax for roughly $25 out of pocket.  We had a combination of those certificates, a $25 free card we got from, and good timing.  It was on clearance for $74.99.  We had $68 in coupons and gift cards.  The $25 was for tax and for all the EXTRA goodies we bought; extra ink (using our Staples card also got us a discount on the ink) and a ream of paper.  And a 2 year extended warranty.

Usually I wouldn’t pay for the extended warranty because they typically aren’t worth it.  But considering what we gave for the thing to start with it seemed pretty silly not to go for it, just in case.

Thunder!  Yay!  It’s been a LONG time since it’s been raining and thundering here!

Sorry – attention deficit moment, hehe.

Today we scored some of the ink cartridges for cheap, G found some brand new computer components, things we didn’t have, and he paid a whopping $1 for the package.  The package contained, among other things, a firewire card and firewire cable, a laptop network card, a software CD and a few more I can’t remember specifically.  Any ONE of them was worth more than $1.  G may hang onto them or may sell them.

I bought some books – including one where the accompanying CD and DVD had never been opened.  The book was obviously brand new.  I also picked up a few much-loved tomes, which doesn’t bother me as long as they hold together long enough for me to read them.  I do believe in reading some and passing them along when I’m done.  Others I will keep for the time being.  I also bought a Corning casserole to match the others in my set.  I don’t have the lids, unfortunately, but if I watched could probably find those too.  I love Corning and the old Pyrex bowls for cooking, but new stuff is ridiculously expensive.  A while back I picked up a gorgeous (and ginormous) glazed bowl for $3.  I priced the bowl and brand online for more than 10 times that, and the one I got looks like new.  It’s the perfect size for holidays or for when I make bread.

Once I get this knee fixed I hope to cook again!!!  It will be AWESOME to be able to stand still for more than five minutes or so without paying for it for the next several days.  I have to admit, while I’m not exactly looking forward to the surgery itself I am looking forward to what I hope will be the result.

A lot of this is more or less pre-emptive.  I already know I’m gonna go stark raving in two weeks at home next month, since I’ll be largely immobilized.  If I’m a captive audience, so to speak, might as well make it work for me.  I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about it as we go.  I’m grateful I’ve got a job, and that it comes with benefits; I’m grateful we’ve got a decent roof over our heads; I’m glad that G and I are actually closer now than we were a few years ago, and that I discovered a lot of his “issues” previously were based on insecurity.  He’s generally pretty even tempered and generous by nature; but he definitely needs his attention.

Ironic, isn’t it?  I could bash him for the fact that I needed attention in Tucson.  That would be pointless and damage me as much as it would him.  I’m trying to strike a balance between learning from my mistakes and moving beyond the past.  I’m not excusing what happened.  I’ve got a bit more ammo now because I am in touch with his family with a phone call or email.  We can gang up on him if and when needed!

Time to call it a night.  I’m gonna curl up and read for a bit.  One more day of the 3am stuff, then the next day I’m going in an hour later.  Sleeping in an hour is my friend!

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